Spring is  definitely in the air  and Summer is not that  far away. I just  just love this time of year, with the lighter nights , daffodils, bluebells, little lambs, and a sense of newness!

I also believe the change of the seasons is a great time to treat your body to a detox or total body cleanse.

In honour of this and also since it’s been a while since I posted a scrumptious recipe … today is the day.

This carrot, orange, kale, lemon and ginger juice won’t disappoint.

If you’ve been feeling tired and rundown ,this juice will hit the spot ! It will definitely help to  start cleansing some of those unwanted toxins from your body , that can  make you feel generally ‘ yuk’. It  is a great  starting point to give your body a ‘Spring clean’ .The lemon acts as natural preservative and detoxifier , is full of antioxidants  and makes the juice more alkaline. The ginger  is  a great natural anti-inflammatory , the kale  is packed with iron, calcium  and vitamin c. The fiber in the carrots can help keep blood sugar levels under control and lower the rosk of  diabetes ,plus they’re loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene,  fantastic  for the eyes , skin  and our  immune system. Last but not least, the oranges will give you that extra boost of Vitamin C and help it taste amazing !

And don’t worry the kale does not dominate! Pure veggie juices can be a tadge too bitter, especially first thing in the morning so I always add a little fruit for sweetness.

This recipe is perfect all year round but as I mentioned earlier it’s ideal starting point for a detox/cleanse such as MY B-FIT 21 DAY WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. This total body cleanse , nutrition and exercise plan is designed to eliminate toxins from the body over a 3 week period. The benefits of this are more energy, better sleep, less bloating and fat loss. Excess toxins , which we are all bombarded with on a daily basis are stored in fat so if we get rid iof excess toxins , we get rid of excess fat!

With my B-FIT 21 Day Weight loss plan, you’re GUARANTEED to lose 8-14 lbs or a dress size in the 21 days as a  result of detoxing your body, not to mention all the other health benefits detoxing your body will have. 

As promised , here’s the recipe :


  • 2 oranges
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 big handfuls kale
  • ½ lemon
  • 1-inch ginger


  • Slice oranges in half, remove skin and inner white layers
  • Wash & peel carrots
  • Wash kale
  • Remove lemon skin and inner white layers
  • Peel ginger
  • Put everything through the juicer or blend in a blender ( such as a Nutribullet)
  • Serve up and enjoy

So come on board. What have you got to loose other than nasty toxins and excess body fat?!!!

My clients and I detox regularly, and the results are astounding! Plus it’s all done for you with meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists all provided.


Give me a tinkle or drop me a text on 07748 298 728 , we’ll  have a chat and go from there.

Love Gaynor x

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