Something you may not have considered in the past when trying to lose weight is how your gut health is linked to weight gain, unbalanced hormones and other potential health problems.

Researchers over the past decade or so have found out just how important your gut’s microbiome really is. Our gut microbiome is composed of the bacteria (both good and bad), which work to help us digest food and absorb the nutrients we need in our intestines. And this is why having too much bad bacteria in the gut can influence your ability to lose weight.

A healthy gut microbiome has a balance of good and bad bacteria. However, most people who suffer with weight issues tend to have an over-abundance of bad bacteria in the gut — and I get it, because I’ve been there. Having too much bad bacteria in the gut causes cellular inflammation, while it also means that you’re more likely to crave things like carbohydrate-laden and fatty cakes and pastries, or sugary things like sweets and even wine, which is basically liquid sugar in a bottle. And all of these things will cause further inflammation.

Get The Balance Right

If you have an unbalanced gut microbiome, not only will it affect your weight gaining issue — it can also be the cause of unexplained anxiety, stress and depression. This is because your brain and gut communicate with each other through many nerve cells that are attached to the vagus nerve. In fact, the microbiome-gut-brain axis is considered to be a bi-directional feedback loop in which the vagus nerve acts as the communication translator from the brain to the gut, and from the gut to the brain. If the vagus nerve is also inflamed, then the communication breaks down and your brain will switch on lower vibrational emotions that keep you feeling triggered.

If you have an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia or lupus, which also cause cellular inflammation and tend to run in families, then it is possible that an unbalanced gut microbiome was passed down to you genetically. And if you have digestive condition like Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then bad bacteria in your microbiome are able to trigger the inflammation that causes you pain and discomfort.

Exterior causes of an unbalanced gut microbiome include medications for blood pressure and diabetes, as well as antibiotics, which don’t just kill the bug that makes you sick. Antibiotics are indiscriminate and also kill the good bacteria in your gut, which leads to a multiplication of the bad bugs that cause trouble. Taking just one round of antibiotics can create an unbalanced gut environment for up to a year. Other exterior influences that cause disruption and imbalance in your gut biome are the consumption of too many acidic foods, like processed carbs (full of unhealthy sugar) with synthetic additives — or basically, any food that’s beige. The bad bugs in your gut don’t like greens, they love and feed off sugar. so, eating too much junk food of any kind creates an environment that bad bacteria and parasites love to thrive in, thus giving your gut biome a headache that it doesn’t need.

The Good News

Now that you know your gut microbiome may be the reason why you’ve been finding it difficult to lose weight, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a simple solution to help restore its health. You can create a healthier gut microbiome with easy food changes. Simply adding fermented foods to your healthy eating regime each day can help to bring your gut microbiome back in balance. For instance, fermented foods include things like yogurt, certain cheeses, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha (limit the kombucha, though, as it can be very high in sugar, which will feed the bad bacteria). I could also share with you my easy-to-make and delicious sauerkraut recipe. If you fancy it, let me know by hitting reply and if enough of you get back to me, I’ll share it in a future blog.

Fermented foods are important to your gut microbiome, because the probiotics contained in them work to rebalance the good bacteria to support your gut’s healing process. However, the probiotic bugs also need to be fed, this time by adding prebiotics to your healthy eating regime. Prebiotics act as the fuel for your gut microbiome. Great natural sources of prebiotics to feed your probiotics are leeks, onions, garlic, asparagus, organic whole grains and legumes.

If you need some extra help supplement wise, then why not try Nature’s Sunshine’s Pro B11 Natural Live Bacteria capsules, which will help you to maintain a healthy balance of gut flora so that you can properly digest and absorb nutrition. The capsules also work to protect the gut wall and prevent further microorganisms from establishing themselves in your microbiome. The multi-strain formula contains almost 12 billion beneficial bacteria per serving to replenish your gut microbiome with what it needs. Nature’s Sunshine Pro B11 needs to be refrigerated after opening to maintain its freshness.


My Final Words

Of course, these are only suggestions for you to increase the health of your gut microbiome. However, it is important to know that imbalances in gut flora have been linked to a wide range of serious health issues, including cancer, immune system deficiencies, and Alzheimer’s, which is something we can all do without. Just remember that if your gut microbiome is in balance, then you’ll be free from inflammation and pain. And who doesn’t want to feel better and more energised in your body? Plus, when you get your gut microbiome in check, automatic weight loss will be an added benefit. Does that sound good to you?

If so, then CALL/TEXT ME on 07748 298728 to have a chat about how I can support you in bringing your gut back to optimum health for weight loss!

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