So, the round perky bottom we all crave IS within your grasp! (Just ask any of my B-Fit clients who I have helped shape and sculpt a perkier derriere!)

The secret to a lifted, smoother and firmer bottom is fat loss ,some muscle development and  a good detox program  to flush out unwanted toxins

So here’s a simple Bottom Lift Programme for you to have a go at :


Walk 30 minutes daily as a minimum – add hills if you can
Build to powering up those hills, making legs super tired


• 30 Squats – feet wide, toes forward
• 30 Pendulum Steps – step side to side, lifting each leg to the side, toes forward.
• 15 Parallel Squats – with feet close together, sitting back and pointing tail back.
• 20 Hanging 8s each leg – stand on 1 leg, Lift the knee to hip height, shin bone hanging. Draw an imaginary 8 horizontally with the knee.
• 20 Static Lunges each side – one leg back, foot on its toes, bend both knees dropping the back one vertically towards the floor. Focus on the push back up with the front heel.

Squatting safety points

• Technique is important to avoid injury and maximise effectiveness
• Stop if your knees hurt
• Sit BACK, with weight in your heels and not your toes
• Keep your back straight and long, abs strong and chin slightly nodded
• If you find any of these exercises difficult or have problems with your knees or joints , don’t worry  I am able to provide alternatives within your individual capabilities. All you need to do is ask and we can book a free confidential chat . Just Call or text me on 07748 298 728 or simply  CLICK HERE !

Also if you would like to know more about my detox program that  GAURANTEES YOU DROP A DRESS SIZE IN 21 DAYS then  CLICK HERE

In the meantime if you would like to start gently and easily  removing toxins from your body on a daily basis then one of my favourite detox drinks is LIQUID CHLOROPHYL. You can read all about the benefits of liquid Chlorophyll  by clicking HERE

Lots of love and sunshine

Gaynor x

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