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I can’t believe it’s mid-June already. Nearly half way through 2017.

The new year seems a long distant memory huh?

I’m not sure where you’re at with your goals, but what I do know is we’ve all started things, and then fallen off the wagon right? And that’s ok. We’re human.

But there is no better time than NOW to begin, re-boot and follow through with CONSISTENT ACTION.

Trust me, your future self will thank you.

So if you’re looking to get re-focused and knock those goals out of the park, but don’t know where to start you’re in the right place.

The following 4 tips will get you raring to go:


Out of all the things I’m sharing this is the most important.

Your why is what will drive your success. To find your why, dig deep and identify what drives/excites you to achieve your goals.

A well-developed why will clearly and powerfully help you break through unexpected obstacles and guide you as you prioritise your time, and focus.

To help you discover your why, answer the following questions …

Why do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? e.g. would you like to have more energy and lose a few pounds so you can be more active with your kids? Have you had a health scare and the time is now to really get it together for you and your family? Or maybe you want to look/feel fabulous to get back on the dating scene?

If your why is strong enough. Compelling. Authentic. From your heart. You will be motivated to start and keep moving forwards towards your goals. As human beings, our neurology is wired to move away from pain and towards pleasure.


This may seem bias but I genuinely mean this – myself and all the women who attend my SMALL GROUP PT classes are shamazing. We’re a group of beautiful souls who are all loving, non-judgemental and super supportive. Why not come along and see for yourself? CLICK HERE for details.


When I want to learn something new, achieve goals and be held accountable I hire a coach. There are certain jobs within my business I’ve needed help with so I got in the expertise I needed. Sometimes you just need help and there’s no shame in that. None of us can be great at everything.

Remember to take me up on my FREE B-FIT SESSION. You can dip your toe in with zero risks or obligations.


When you get to the gym or go for a run and realise you’ve forgotten your iPod, how do you feel? Lost? Me too.

For me, it’s an essential, and I don’t feel I can train properly without some kind of music. We’re all aware that music can help with motivation, but did you know there’s a lot of scientific evidence to back this up?!

Get your playlist to the ready and give it a go.

So what do you do to give yourself a motivational kick in the butt? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lastly …

Do you have a friend who needs a little motivation? If you do, make sure you share this blog, it could really help them.

Remember this is all about becoming a new and better version of your already-amazing-self.

Routing for you 😊

Love Gaynor x



Let me state that first of all. As a busy working Mum, I get it and understand the pressures and the hard graft it takes to just well… sometimes tackle each day!

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes getting fit is hard, but sometimes doing what you need to do to maintain and keep your levels of fitness is even harder.

Staring a new healthy life is hard and staying with that healthy lifestyle is hard. Eating well and losing the fat, well its just hard isn’t it?

Sometimes days and days pass by, life gets in the way and it’s damn hard just feeling like you’re keeping all those balls you constantly juggle, well moving.

But (and I know you’re wondering why my usual positive and upbeat tone has taken a somewhat negative edge… but bear with me)…

Moving is the key and the secret. Moving forward, even if it’s just the tiniest distance, towards your goals is movement in the right direction.

Chip away.

One positive and right decision at a time.

(Head out for that half hour walk)

Take a step forward, even if it’s just the smallest step.

(Graciously say no to the delivery of cakes that just arrived in the canteen).

On ‘those days’ – you know the ones – stress, work, relationships, family life, hormones, just not feeling ‘it’…just do ONE simple thing that keeps you heading in the direction you want. Just ONE thing that keeps you shuffling forwards.

Shuffling forwards not only make life seem a tiny bit better and help alleviate guilt,  but most importantly, these tiny steps add up to big steps and achieving big goals.

It could be completing an extra set of exercises

It could be an extra bit of food prepped for tomorrow

It could be a quote you read (and re-read to motivate yourself)

It could be a mantra you say to yourself

It could be a piece of music that lifts you up

It could be a new class to try (I’ve got an offer on my group personal training course!)

It could be buying yourself a bunch of flowers

It could be booking that massage you promised yourself

It could be 1 extra small bottle of water compared to yesterday

It could be half a kilogram extra on the weights

It could be texting me and booking in for a free confidential chat and working through what it is exactly you want to achieve and me helping you shuffle forward with the right steps to get you there.

Anyway, you get my point. Whatever you do, just keep moving. Keep shuffling. You’ll get there, and if I’m not already, I’d love to help you. Text me and let’s chat.

Gaynor x

07748 298728