If you didn’t already know it’s Valentines Day.

So it seemed very fitting that I touched on the subject of love but not in relation to loving another person instead loving the most important person of all …


As cliché, as it sounds the first place to look for love, is within.

It’s an inside job.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen prey to looking for love and fulfilment outside of ourselves.

There’s all sorts of places people go to fill the void such as food, material stuff, work or some trophy man. The list goes on!

Here’s the thing …

Nothing sticks. It’s a temporary fix.

You always end up right back where you started from and it ends in …

  • Drama
  • Pain
  • Identity crisis
  • Lost dreams
  • Bad break ups
  • Tears

And so on …

What I’ve found is you need to step back from everyone and everything.

Instead, look inside. Re-evaluate. Work on your self-awareness and recognise you were looking in all the wrong places in your quest for happiness and love.

The answer never lies in some arm candy trophy man, worldly materialism, or any other bells and whistles that life dazzles us with.

No matter how wonderful and enviable your life is on the outside if you don’t love and feel great about who you are at your core it’s meaningless.

So I’ve 2 very important words for you.


Reinforce your self-worth. Take back your power.

Figure out you. What you want. What makes you happy and do it.

Learn to be independent, authentic and honour your truth.

Don’t create unhealthy attachments. Learn the art of letting go.


So what practical steps can you take right now to show yourself self-love?

What makes you feel good, nurtures and re-charges you?

It could be some meditation, going for a facial, eating healthy food, or getting outdoors for a brisk walk.

Make a list and get to it!

Remember you’ve got me here too for support. Feel free to get in touch on 07748298728 for a chat. I’m all ears. It costs zilch, and there’s no strings attached.

One more thing …

Do I get all this self-love, self-help stuff right all the time?

Absolutely not!

I’m a beautiful work in progress. Some days I do great, and others days I stumble. That’s real.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the biggest incite you’ve taken away from today’s post? Any aha’s you’d like to share? And what will you do differently going forwards?

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Love Gaynor x

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