1015990_825783220796544_9100363054588614149_oB-Fit client Kristina made the most delicious dips at our recent B-Fit Christmas party.

She’s let me in on her secret recipes so I thought I would share them with you as they would make the perfect nutritious snack for a New Year party.




Sweet Curry Dip


  • 80g sunflower seeds
  • 100ml organic olive oil
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of apple vinegar
  • 4 tsp mild curry powder
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 2 organic apples, peeled and cut into chunks
  • sea salt


  • Mix all ingredients into a blender and blend on high to puree
  • If you prefer a thicker spread, add more sunflower seeds to thicken
  • season with sea salt


Spicy Olive Tapenade


  • 1/2 onion chopped
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 300g green olives (pitted)
  • 1 tbsp apple vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 50ml organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 dates
  • pinch of chilli powder
  • sea salt and pepper


  • Combine most of the olives (250g) with the other ingredients and blend
  • Chop the remaining olives and add to the mixture, mixing in well with a spoon
  • Season with salt and pepper

Serve with

I love these dips with crunch raw, fresh and organic vegetables including;

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli florets
  • Sugar snap peas
  • baby sweetcorn
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Courgette
  • Peppers



Go on, you’ve got one haven’t you? A ‘to do’ list that is as long as your arm and just makes you feel guilty, inadequate and like you never really achieve anything?!

Well today, it’s time to put a positive spin on a to do list and instead take some time to do the B-Fit ‘Ta da!’ list instead.


So, what’s a Ta Da list? It’s something I get my clients, friends and even my kids to do as a lovely little self reminder that YOU ARE AMAZING. And even if you experience a little blip or setback along the way, remind yourself just how far you have come. The ‘ta da’ list works in all areas of life but I of course use it with my clients for listing successes and achievements.

So, on the eve of New Year’s eve this is a perfect time to snuggle up with a warm cup of herbal tea in a cosy chair with a notebook and pen and write down all of the amazing changes, achievements and successes you have had in 2014.

My clients do this all the time and some of the things they write include;

  • Ditching the fad diets and banishing calorie counting
  • Eliminating cravings for rubbishy unhealthy”food”
  • Bombarding their bodies with delicious nutritious foods that help their bodies work more efficiently and feel great!
  • Introducing super healthy, quick, easy dishes into their everyday lives
  • Balanced out their hormones/ getting rid of PMT
  • Improving sleep
  • Making exercise an enjoyable part of their everyday life
  • Being able to exercise – swim, cycle, play with their children and grand children
  • Improving energy levels
  • Drastically Improved menopausal symptoms eg hot flushes
  • Getting rid of coffee or tea addiction
  • Eliminating diet coke addiction
  • Reducing alcohol to a healthier level
  • Improving their self esteem confidence and releasing more happy hormones!
  • Learning to love their bodies again and treating their bodies with the respect they deserve!

So what will be on your ‘ta da!’ list this year?

If your ‘ta da’ list needs some help and assistance then you know I’m here for you! Just imagine what you could achieve in just a month, two months or even 12 months from now! What will your future ‘ta da!’ list say? For a FREE confidential chat about your health and wellness goals get in touch 07748 298728 or email



One of the two essential parts of any Christmas dinner are the gravy and the cranberry sauce. BUT they don’t have to be laden with additives, salt and refined sugar!

Follow my foolproof plans for a tasty and healthy gravy and sugar free cranberry sauce here.

B-Fit Cranberry Sauce

healthy-cranberry-sauce-recipeA homemade alternative to jarred cranberry sauce which has hints of pineapple and orange to complement the flavour.
Serves: 8
  • 2 bags of fresh cranberries
  • 180ml fresh pineapple juice OR freshly squeezed orange juice (I recommend pineapple!)
  • 180ml of applesauce (no sugar added)
  • 100ml of water
  • juice and zest of one orange
  • 3-4 tablespoons of honey OR to taste (optional)
  1. Put cranberries, pineapple juice, applesauce and water in a sauce pan and and bring to a boil.
  2. Keep on medium heat, stirring constantly until the cranberries start to explode (about 10-15 minutes).
  3. Reduce to a simmer and pour the juice and zest over the cranberry mixture.
  4. Simmer 10-15 minutes and remove from heat.
  5. Cool completely and store in fridge at least four hours but preferably overnight before serving.
  6. NOTE: This is not as sweet as store versions! Taste at the end of cooking. It is naturally sweet from the fruit juice and applesauce but you can add more honey OR stevia to taste if needed.

B-Fit Gravy

how-to-make-gravy.WidePlayerTo me, gravy is all about moisture. It doesn’t have to be laden with saturated fat and sodium, my gravy is always more of a jus that provides a delicate bit of moisture and allows the flavours of the food to not be overpowered.

Homemade Gravy

Juice from steamed veggies
Juice from turkey
Rosemary, parsley, sage and thyme
Pink salt
Black pepper

Collect all of the above, except for the salt and pepper, in a separate jug/gravy boat at different stages of cooking. Add the herbs in at the start to really infuse.

When the rest of the Christmas dinner is almost ready to serve, pour into a pan and gently simmer for 5-8 minutes until warm. Stir continually and add pink salt and pepper to taste.


It’s just around the corner and you’re so tempted by all the sweet treats, indulgence and alcohol that’s floating around this Christmas party season. BUT! You really want to avoid it all, stay within your goals and feel good going into dreary January.

So… what do you do?

You follow my seven foolproof steps right here…


vegetables[1]With roast turkey and all the trimmings the meal of the moment this Christmas Day, it is the ideal dish to boost with nutrient packed vegetables. Instead of the roast potatoes, why not try loading your plate with butternut squash, kale, sweet potatoes, asparagus, carrots, cabbage, green beans, mushrooms and of course the Brussells Sprouts – right there you have a plate full of the most amazing flavours and a whole spectrum of nutrients!

Just be careful how you cook your veggies, using a high-quality avocado or coconut oil if roasting, or try steaming as many veggies as possible to ensure their nutritional value is maintained.

Complement your veg fiesta with a homemade gravy (always use the juices from the veggies, juice from the turkey and herbs, pink salt, pepper so it’s more like a jus and very runny but it gives you the moisture and flavour you need) and fresh cranberry sauce. Your body will thank you for these subtle changes!


crusted_lamb_rack_5Who says you have to cook turkey? Break some boundaries, think out of the box and show off your culinary flare by doing something different this year. With so very many delicious recipes that are healthy available, you could be giving your family a great gift this year in the form of tasty, nutritional dishes galore! Try gluten/grain/dairy/meat-free if you want – it’s up to you!

See my recent party pics for great ideas for a healthy Christmas buffet.


article-weight-meditationEating with conscious consumption is a fantastic way to listen and respond to your body and its needs. Eating mindfully and slowly and being aware of each mouthful as you eat brings your mind to the moment and helps your stomach connect with your brain, allowing you to sense when you feel satisfied. Feel grateful for each taste and flavour, and sensation that you encounter. You’ll be amazed at the effect this has on you!


t1larg.gluten.foods.giIf you’ve trained with me, you’ll know that I try and get my clients to eliminate many foods that contain gluten. My B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan guides my clients through this process and shows how to carefully and slowly eliminate gluten for optimum fat loss and detoxification.

Gluten is a protein composite found in several types of grains. It really doesn’t agree with everyone and has been shown to cause lethargy, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Gluten has even been linked to some serious autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. Just trying to cut down on your gluten intake over Christmas will have a positive effect on your health and digestion. Go on, give it a try! Say no to the bread…


1414440971288One of the most addictive, poisonous substances known to man is out in droves over the Christmas period. Sugar… aka poison. They now believe that excessive sugar consumption is probably the largest factor underlying obesity and chronic disease in the Western world. Sugar damages the immune system, sugar causes mood swings and sugar causes wrinkles via premature ageing! It contributes to ailments such as tooth decay, osteoporosis and heart disease. Found in pre-packaged foods, Christmas junk foods and of course alcohol, refined sugar is toxic, and should be avoided at all costs.


healthy-dining-outIf you are out dining with friends or family over the Christmas period, don’t feel you have to bend to peer pressure by eating too much of the foods you wouldn’t normally eat. It’s easier to just say no to that second helping, or the sugar laden dessert, or the extra glass of wine. If eating out, suggest a restaurant you know has a great healthy menu. Look online before you go and choose what you’re going to eat before you get there. Don’t be scared to ask for what you want. Swap potatoes for veggies or sweet potatoes etc. You deserve to look after yourself and ultimately your body will thank you for it.

If you’re having friends round and cooking for them, don’t feel pressured to cook unhealthy crowd pleasers. Educate your friends and cook some tasty, delicious healthy food. Experiment and show off your skills with flavour combinations  on a variety of healthy dishes. (Search under ‘recipes’ in the side bar on the right for all the healthy recipes I post).


photolibrary_rm_photo_of_woman_refusing_alcoholEveryone loves to relax and unwind over Christmas but overdoing it with the tipple will leave you feeling sluggish, tired, bloated, dehydrated and probably constantly hungover!

Alcohol depletes the body of essential minerals and nutrients, it zaps your energy and causes weight gain. It’s nasty stuff! If you keep tabs on the amount you consume, you’ll get a good idea of how much you’re drinking, how many calories and how much sugar. Alternatively, you could ditch it altogether, and go for a B-Fit mocktail instead, packed full of feel-good fabulousness! I use coconut water, Nature’s Sunshine Zambrosa, Liquid Chlorophyll in my mocktail and it tastes great!

Have a very happy Christmas and I hope to see you at B-Fit very soon!

For a FREE confidential chat about your goals, nutrition or exercise, call me 07748 298728 or email





Last Friday I was so pleased to invite my lovely B-Fit clients to my home for a B-Fit Christmas party.

Not only was it a chance to throw a party and say thank you to my clients for all their hard work and dedication (after all, it’s because of them that I have the most amazing job in the world!) but it was also a sneaky strategic move.

You see, Christmas is a time of ultimate indulgence and temptation. Parties at Christmas are the ultimate threat to our health and fitness goals, bullying us into eating and drinking too much, forgoing our exercise regimes and generally setting us back. The result is we roll into January feeling bloated, unhappy and demotivated.

I threw my party to show my clients that you CAN have a little bit of what you fancy. See exhibit A:


Yes, this is me pouring champagne!

But I also laid on the most delicious, nutritious and amazing food for my clients that would guarantee they stayed eating and ENJOYING the right kind of foods. At one point in the evening, someone even commented that “This is the first party I’ve been to, where I’ve not had crisps! And do you know what? I’ve not missed them!”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis time of year is all about choices. You choose what to put in your mouth, you choose how much alcohol you drink, you choose whether or not you exercise (and actually, you probably have time off which gives you LESS of an excuse not to move your body!).

You ultimately choose whether you have the body you deserve or not.

An easy choice with this is to get some help. In the form of sound nutrition advice, group personal training or one to one training – all services I offer to women of all ages, shapes and sizes, health restrictions, injuries and lifestyles. I absolutely love my job and the party was actually quite emotional for me at one point – seeing how I’ve helped transform so many wonderful women to finally start seeing their potential, their beauty and realising their goals.



See more photos on my Facebook page here SAVE £36 ON GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING

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Book your place by 12th December to qualify for the discount as my free gift to you this Christmas.

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Hosting a buffet this Christmas? Having the family over and don’t want to end up feeling bloated and go off track?

Check out some of the easiest and healthiest recipes ever! (Honestly, even I can make them they’re that easy!)

Caprese salad sticks

Cherry tomatoes
Fresh Basil
Dash of pesto

Spinach and mushroom cups

Coconut oil for the tin
Feta cheese (optional)
Salt and pepper

Rainbow Skewers


Canteloupe melon
Kebab sticks


Cucumber and sundried tomato rolls


Cucumber (sliced with a cheese slice)
Sundried tomatoes


Cucumber hummous turkey rolls (can also use courgette)


Cucumber or courgette (sliced lengthways)
Organic hummous
Rocket leaves, chopped
Organic turkey

Grape ‘cake’ pops


Grapes (frozen)
Thick organic greek yoghurt
Chopped pecans

*Freezing the grapes ensures that the yoghurt sticks

See! How easy is it to make a healthy, interesting and delicious spread for your par


I hope not!

I won’t be, I’ve worked too hard to let it all go “just because” it’s Christmas and that time of year when over-indulgence seems mandatory.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be! And I’ve got some belly busting tips that are easy to follow, easy to stick to and will ensure you don’t pile on the pounds and feel horrible this winter.

Last year I made this video about beating the buffet bulge. Click the image to watch it, or if like me, you’re probably reading this in bed late at night when you should be asleep but there’s a thousand things whizzing through your mind, the tips are written below:


A few of my party proof tips to help you get through Christmas feeling fantastic

1) Look after your liver!

One of the most important organs in your body. Your liver helps to get rid of toxins and as you will know if you’ve trained with me, where do toxins get stored? In fat! One party proof product I can’t live without at this time of year is Nature’s Sunshine Liver Health Formula. Give your liver a little extra TLC this season as we bombard our livers with toxins from alcohol, additives and other nasties we’re more likely to consume during the party season.

2) Drink lots of water

This is such an easy tip and it’s free! Help flush out those toxins with a little help from our friend H2O.

3) Eat fibrous vegetables

You know by now that you should be eating a rainbow of eight different fruits and veggies each day. Fibrous vegetables will ensure that you get adequate nutrients, they will reduce your bloat and keep you fuller for longer. I always recommend a large colourful side salad with meals.

How to eat in restaurants

Lots of people ask me how to eat healthily when you go out for meals.

1) Do your research. Look at the menu online and pick out the foods that will keep you on track before you get there.
2) Don’t be scared to ask for what you want. Swap new potatoes, chips and jacket for sweet potatoes. Ask for a side salad or steamed vegetables.
3) Avoid the bread and breadsticks! If you get offered them just say no! It’s easier to avoid if they’re not already there on the table.

Avoid the buffet bulge

1) Eat before you go! Then you’re not going to be tempted to pile your plate hight with rubbish.
2) Do the walk! Before you even get a plate, walk up and down the buffet and have a look at what is on offer.
3) Choose a small plate. Get one from the dessert section and choose the fish, the meat, the salads and the fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid the pastries, pastas and the pizza! Processed carbs will make you feel sluggish and bloated.