We are bombarded on a daily basis with 100’s of toxins  from the foods we eat eg pesticides, synthetic additives such as sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservatives, E numbers etc ,medication  plus the toiletries we use on our skin, domestic cleaning products  and  environmental pollution in the air and in our water  etc

Yes, our liver is designed to get rid of toxins, however, it is not designed to get rid of the excessive amount of toxins that we are now bombarding our bodies with. Over time and as we get older, our liver becomes ‘less efficient’ and more sluggish so doesn’t get rid of these toxins as well as it used to do when we were younger! These excess toxins are then stored in fat, mostly around the tummy/ umbilical area, away from the heart , as the body’s way of protecting itself against these toxins( our body is very clever!)

So basically to get rid of unwanted fat, especially around the tummy, we need to get rid of excess toxins. So how do we do this ?

There are several ways we can reduce our toxin intake. One simple way is to switch to organic food where possible.

Now I totally get that for some people making this bold switch from non-organic to organic can seem quite daunting. So, below are some tips and ideas to make the switch to organic, reduce your toxin intake and boost your nutrient intake all at the same time , without spending a fortune .

Get A Local Veggie Box Delivered

RIVERFOOD  delivers fresh organic vegetables/ fruit boxes on Tuesdays to a lot of my clients.

It’s an easy way to get your daily quota of organic seasonal veggies in, while supporting a local, ethical  business at the same time( which is owned by all of it’s employees )

Grow Your Own

Have you considered growing your own organic fruit and veg? I know this won’t be for everyone, but some of you may have green fingers or more time on your hands right now , so why not give it a go ?!

I have my own Scottish raspberrry bushes, an apple and pear tree plus a small ‘low maintenance’ / a neglected veg patch, but it miraculously produces vegetables in amongst the weeds whenever I throw in some seeds!  The difference in taste to supermarket fruit and vegetables is unbelievable. The juice literally drips out when you bite into one of the apples. Many supermarket apples can be stored in nitrogen ( to stop them ripening)in  a warehouse for upto 9 months!!

If you are going to grow your own, remember not to use nasty synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides etc. Instead, plant some lavender and garlic around your produce to help prevent insect attack and dig in some well rotted horse manure or  your own compost  to help increase the nutrients in the soil. Also, if you don’t have a garden you can use pots or window boxes. They work a treat.

Wash your Fruit and Veg in vinegar water

If buying fresh produce from supermarkets, wash it in water with of organic apple cider vinegar to help remove pesticides. Use 4 parts water to one part vinegar, soak for 10 minutes then rinse .


Unfortunately, our soils are now extremely deficient in key nutrients such as magnesium and zinc, due to  over-farming and the cocktail of synthetic chemicals that are sprayed onto our foods, which destroy the good bugs that help make the nutrients .Most of us are subsequently deficient in something, despite having a ‘ healthy diet’ ! It is really important to look after our immune systems and boost our nutrient intake with good quality organic supplements.

To see if you have any nutrient deficiencies or gaps in your nutrition click  HERE It will take you straight through to The Lifestyle Analysis ,a simple  super quick tick quiz that takes just a few minutes to complete, and is a quick and easy way to discover which of your body systems may be weak and in need of a bit of nutritional support

And again if you need some help understanding it or have  got  any questions, simply reach out and  call/ text me on 07748 298 728 or  CLICK  HERE

Detox and thoroughly spring clean your body  3 – 4 Times Per Year

My clients and I detox regularly to get rid of any toxins in the body, and the results are astounding.

The B-Fit 21 Day Weight Loss Plan is the perfect way to do this and get rid of unwanted and excess toxins, thus removing fat. CLICK HERE  to find out more about this amazing plan that guarantees you drop a dress size in 21 days  or  I will give you your money back! (T’s + C’s apply)

Avoid the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and increase ‘The Clean 15’ !!

In my recent blog  ORGANIC -IS IT WORTH IT ?  I give you this years 2023 full lists of the vegetables  and fruit that are sprayed the most and the least with a multitude of pesticides . This is extremely key if you want to avoid toxins, pesticides and herbicides in your diet, excess toxins are stored in fat  so if we can reduce our toxins , we can reduce fat !! CLICK HERE  to read the blog

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or  would like a confidential chat about your health , weight loss , exercise or nutrition , just give me  call / text on 07748 298 728 or CLICK HERE .

Until next time, have a super rest of the week.

Gaynor x

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