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I came across this photo today which made me laugh and cry in equal measure. So, I’d like to dedicate this post to my beautiful, courageous and strong friend Kate who we lost to cancer recently. Kate is in the white dress above. Happy memories from a great holiday in Italy and a very long Italian lunch.

Please forgive me for the very sensitive subject matter this week but I feel so passionate about it that I just want to share this information with you.  Unfortunately most of us know somebody who has / has had cancer. Now whilst I am not a doctor, I have dedicated the last decade to researching ways in which health can be drastically improved via nutrition and food.

Anyone who has  done one of my B-fit courses will know that I’m a huge fan of alkaline eating  and have incorporated it into my 7 Step B-Fit B-Fabulous Plan. I’m so passionate about helping my clients become alkaline due to the huge array of  health benefits. Making our bodies alkaline is one of the most important things we can do to help prevent disease as disease thrives in an acidic environment- everthing from cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive problems, and skin problems. Going alkaline is also great for weight loss as when the body is acidic- it stores fat!

The 1931 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg proved that cancer cells cannot survive where there are high levels of oxygen. Alkalinity helps to increase the body’s oxygen level, which is why alkaline foods can be helpful in fighting cancer. When the blood is alkalized, it is able to contain more oxygen, absorbing up to 100 times more oxygen than a body with a high acid content.

Alkaline Foods Decrease Toxicity

In the book “Hidden Truth of Cancer” by Dr. Keiichi Morishita, head of the International Natural Medicine Association, the doctor speaks about how oxygen levels in cells decrease in the presence of too much acid. This creates a toxic environment, which can create mutations in the cells, potentially leading to cancer. With a greater degree of alkalinity in the body, these toxins decrease.

Again, I have to stress that I am not a doctor but I have found this article extremely interesting. I will let you make your own mind up, but click on it and have a read. – Is a Combination of Lemon and Baking Soda 10,000 more effective than chemotherapy? 

Heres a few of my MY TOP TIPS to make you more alkaline for optimum health, wellbeing and to prevent diseases from thriving;


1 – Add ½ teaspoon of bicarb of soda and 2 teaspoons of organic freshly squezed lemon to a large glass of water and drink it first thing in morning

2 – Eat  fresh grapefruit every morning before breakfast

3 – Eat 80 % alkaline foods (eg leafy greens, plant protein, seeds) and 20 % acidic (natural sugars, processed food, wheat, alcohol, all animal produce, dairy)

4 – Eat 70-80% raw food (eg salads, fruit, seeds)

5 – Drink lots of filtered water and add Liquid chlorophyll to help oxygenate the body and make it more alkaline and gently help cleanse out toxins

6 – Drink organic green tea as its packed with antioxidants to protect cells and helps flush out excess toxins

7 – Reduce toxins – reduce processed foods, artificial additives- eg sweeteners/diet products, use natural toiletries,  (this is a massive subject – I promise I will go into more detail in future newsletters, or alternatively arrange a FREE B-Fit consultation with me and we can chat through this together).

8 – DETOX/ CLEANSE the inside of your body  3 -4 times a year with my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan (aka Gaynor’s detox!). This 21 day plan is designed to cleanse and nourish the liver and help rid the body of damaging excess toxins that make the us more acidic and also make us store more fat around our tummy (to protect us from the damaging toxins).

9 – Increase good quality omega oils/ ESSENTIAL FATS to help protect our cells from damage (and help us burn the bad fats/great for weight loss!) Best examples of good quality omega and essential fats are hemp oil, avocados, oily fish, sunflower seeds and I’m a huge fan of the Nature’s Sunshine Super Omega supplements. These are so powerful, they’ve been sold out for the last few months and are now back in stock via my web shop here

10 – Increase exercise  and ensure that you try to get your heart rate up over the norm for 20-30 mins a day to help increase circulation and flush excess toxins out the body.  If you’re not sure where to start with exercise, why not try a FREE trial B-FIT  group pt session on Thursday at Hightown Club? Text me to reserve your place 07748 298728.

If you yourself, or someone you know,  would benefit from improving their nutrition and would like to chat in confidence about nutrition and your health, please contact me on 07748 298728 or email





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