…who thinks this same way.

A typical conversation had by many people in my profession goes something like this

Client: “I REALLY want to lose weight”
Professional: “Great! Have you tried to lose weight before?”
Client: “Yes, so many times! Nothing works!”
Professional: “What have you tried before?”
Client: “X diet, Y diet, juicing, pills, etc etc”
Professional: “Tell me a little bit about the results you got”
Client: “Well I did it for two weeks and lost weight”
Professional: “What happened after two weeks?”
Client: “I went back to eating normally and put all the weight back on”

Does this sound familiar? Because I know I hear it all the time. And I also hear people say that “this diet worked” and “that diet worked” but forgive me for the harsh words I’m about to say… they didn’t did they? Usually when I say this I get people defending said diet and insisting it worked.

But let’s get honest and straight talking here. What we need to address is the definition of what ‘works’.

Many people out there want to feel good, they want more confidence, more energy, to sleep better, feel happier, feel proud of their achievements, feel fit and attractive, want to achieve short and long term goals, and one of the biggies… they want to be around for their children and grandchildren for a long time.

So let me ask you this. Did your short term diet achieve any of these things above?


You lost a bit of weight over a couple of weeks but the bigger boxes were not ticked at all. Losing a bit of weight and then putting it all back on is not the definition of something working.

Continuing to do this to your body results in your metabolism slowing down (making it so much harder next time). It is also a horrible journey psychologically. You feel elated at your short term weight loss but then come mentally crashing down when you put the weight back on. That feeling of failure is not nice and often creates a downward spiral of falling into even worse habits as the feelings of helplessness takes over.

So, for those of you currently on a ‘diet’ let me ask you. Do you feel different? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel happier? Do you look in the mirror and grin back at what you see? Do you feel proud of what you have achieved so far? Do you have more energy?

If the answer to ANY of those above is “no” then it is time to make changes. Because diets don’t work. They are never a long term plan.

I teach my clients the long term plan for health and wellbeing. We work on long term progression for long term results. We work on being consistent, learning how to enjoy the RIGHT foods for life, changing our mindset, carving out ‘me time’ to really care for yourself, changing your lifestyle and we create a trust and rapport that keeps you accountable and on track. I’m there to hold hands every step of the way and show you how to jump over those hurdles with ease. I love empowering women and giving them the room to create confidence that propels them to succeed.

That is what I do.

And do you know what? It really works.

Want to find out more? I’ve got the room for two free confidential B-Fit chats this week where we have a friendly and informal discussion about you, and how to get the best out of you. You might decide to choose me for the ride, or you might just walk away from our session feeling motivated to make those long term commitments and changes. Either way, you have nothing to lose. Drop me a text and arrange your session today – 07748 298 728.

Gaynor x


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