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With the most romantic and love inspired day of the year fast approaching us this weekend, I thought I would take this opportunity to remind us ladies that the MOST IMPORTANT person we need to love is ourselves.

Self love, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, is one of the most important things you can embrace in order to thrive in every aspect of your life. If you don’t love you and who you are, who else will?

One area that is so important for self love is the way we view our own bodies. Last week I touched on the most amazing campaign that has been gaining momentum over the last month – the #thisgirlcan campaign by Sport England. (If you missed it last week, take a look again here and watch the incredible and inspirational video).

To celebrate all things love, I asked ladies via social media what they loved about their body and why. Here are some of the responses;

My legs! I love dressing them up with gorgeous heels.
– Nicola

My height, I love being tall!
– Veronica

My face. I quite like my features and I think it’s cute.
– Helen

My bum!
– Sharon

I love my body shape because I’m curvy, my boobs and my bum because everyone wants boobs and a bum and I don’t have to work for them. I think I would cry if I didn’t have them. I love my cheeks because they’re my Mums and I see her every time I smile.
– Margaret

It’s taken me a long time to, but I finally love my big strong bottom! I’d like to thank Kim Kardashian for making it popular and fashionable! Ha ha.
– Gemma

My eyes because I have the gift that some people unfortunately don’t have – sight! Love who you are lucky to be, love the features you are lucky to have.
– Shea

And me? I love my bottom because it is round, wobbles and is a great cushion!

What do YOU love about yourself?

I’m giving away a FREE B-Fit session with me this week to someone at random who texts me on 07748 298728 with the answer to the following question;

“Hi Gaynor, I love my _____ because ______”

I’m celebrating all our amazing female bodies with this special Valentine’s inspired offer. So go on, drop me a text. What do you love about you?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little moment to yourself to marvel and appreciate your amazing, strong and healthy body.

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