Is alcohol making me fat? A killer question, and one I get asked alot.

Being someone who likes to socialise, I love my wine and champagne.

However, here is the key word …


Now, we all know the obvious downsides of alcohol, but many don’t know about alcohol and a substance called acetaldehyde. So pull up your bar stool and I’ll fill you in. And remember if you’d prefer one-to-one help on this subject or your health and fitness in general you can always book in for a FREE B-Fit Session here.

Moving on …

Alcohol feels like a sedative at first because it slows down motor and brain function, leaving us feeling super chilled. But, as it’s metabolised, acetaldehyde is produced, which acts as a stimulant in our bodies. This is what wakes us up in the early hours of the morning unable to sleep. So for a good night’s sleep, cut back on the alcohol and drink it earlier and preferably with food.

Studies have proven that alcohol severely lowers the body’s fat metabolism rate by up to 73%. As mentioned above alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde. It’s the sharp rise in acetaldehyde that puts the brakes on fat loss because your body will prioritise burning this over your fat stores. Meh 🙁

Alcohol is calorie dense at 7 Kcals a pop per gram. It’s not an essential nutrient, but a toxin and so your poor little body works overtime to remove it. Chlorophyll and Liver Health are great supplements to help flush out these toxins. Also don’t forget the B-Fit 21 Day Weight Loss Plan is also a perfect way to help get rid of unwanted and excess toxins, thus removing fat.

Furthermore, alcohol stimulates your appetite. We’ve all had the dreaded drunk munchies. They are real and proven.

Now, before you go reaching for the bottle and drowning your sorrows, you should know that it is still possible to lose weight while consuming alcohol.

But here’s the clincher and I’ll say it again …


Studies have shown that when used sparingly, alcohol can be part of a healthy diet.

Setting all this aside, I will still be raising a glass (or two!) at any future celebratory event and/or to achieving significant personal milestones. Life is afterall for living!

As always I’d love to hear from you.

Have you any tricks that help you curb your alcohol intake? How do you manage social situations?

And if you know anyone who could do with a little heads up on this subject, please do share this post.

Until next time, have a super week.

Love Gaynor x

PS: In next week’s blog I’m going to share with you some key tips on how to still enjoy a tipple or two yet limit the damage. Back soon 🙂

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