You feel like something is just not right? You’re not sick, you’re not in physical pain but you can’t put your finger on it. Something just isn’t quite letting you feel 100%. What could it be? It could be your hormones!

If you’re eating more, sleeping less, and feeling frazzled and stressed out, even when things are going pretty good for you, t’s likely you’ve got a hormone imbalance.

Symptoms do vary, and it’s best to check that everything is A-OK with your GP before making assumptions, but if you’re saying yes to some or all of these five signs below, then it’s time to check your hormones:

1. You are TATT

TATT stands for ‘tired all the time’. Chronic stress tends to leave us feeling fat, frazzled and frumpy thanks to high levels of cortisol taxing our adrenals and fluctuating our feelings from being highly stressed to totally exhausted and no real in-between. When your adrenals are pushed to their limits, they start to protest and not function optimally, resulting in tiredness, low mood and a foggy head.

2. You crave everything!

If you’re finding yourself feeling addicted to chocolate, or constantly ravenous for all kinds of food (and drinks!), then your hormones may be playing up. High cortisol or insulin can cause intense urges for wine or sugar, whilst electrolyte imbalances caused by adrenal dysregulation may have you reaching for the salty snacks.

3. You just can’t seem to shift those pounds

You may be exercising regularly and eating really well, but the weight just doesn’t budge. Then perhaps you tried to overcompensate by exercising for longer and harder, and eating even less. But still nothing changed! Sound familiar? Your hormones play a key role in your metabolism and how much weight you hold onto. No matter how hard you workout, if you’ve got a hormonal imbalance, you’ll have extreme difficulty dropping those last few pounds. Read my tips below on balancing hormones and notice a shift in your weight.

4. Your sex life is non-existant

Despite the media portraying women’s interest in sex as a psychological issue, estrogen is a woman’s main controller of libido. A dominance or low level of estrogen can result in a lack of sex drive. The same goes for low testosterone levels for men. Plus, if you’re stressed and not getting much sleep, it’s likely high cortisol levels are playing a role in this too! It’s no wonder sex is the last thing on your mind!

5. You are very sensitive and moody

Moodiness is often labelled as PMS in women or symptoms of the menopause and seen as something we just have to put up with. Whilst we can’t always control nature, women who have balanced hormones tend to not have such extreme mood swings throughout their cycle. If you’ve cleaned up your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, yet still find yourself swinging from high to low moods quite severely, then it may be time to check your hormones.

There are many things we can do to keep our hormones happy. Here are my top tops:

1. Reduce sugar

Reduce sugar, processed foods full of hormone disrupting artificial additives ( eg sweeteners, preservatives, etc)

2. Drink smart

Reduce alcohol, tea and coffee, fizzy drinks and increase organic herbal tea, and water

3. Water, water everywhere!

Drink filtered water, at least 3 litres a day and add liquid chlorophyll at least twice a day

4. Do a body MOT

Do a thorough cleanse/ detox / Spring clean every 3 months to shift those excess  toxins (which your body kindly  stores in fat to protect you!!)  Like my 21 day B- Fit B-Fabulous plan.

5. Plant based proteins are your best friend

Reduce animal protein and increase plant protein and  vegetable intake . Add Pea protein plus to  water or a smoothie every morning (rammed with nutrients , essential hormone balancing, good fats, plant protein and greens and tastes delish!)

6. Chill out

Control your stress levels – if your consistently stressed, your stress hormone  levels (cortisol) will be too high and this will throw all your other hormones out of wack! Try relaxing in Epsom salt and lavender baths, going to bed earlier with a good book, doing a bit of the right exercise also helps.

7. Analyse

To see if your hormones are out of whack do this free quick Lifestyle Analysis questionnaire (takes 2 minutes) which will show any  weaknesses in your nutrition and systems. If your hormones are imbalanced it will show up as ‘glandular’ system being poor. Ive found Mastergland and Nutricalm (taken for 3 months) with an improved diet has been really beneficial for both my clients and I with hormonal problems

8. Book a FREE B-Fit session

Book  a FREE B-Fit session with me and we can have a look at a few ways you can naturally balance out your hormones by what you eat and doing a bit of the right exercise (as the wrong exercise can make hormone imbalances worse!) CALL 07748 298728 to book your FREE B-FIT SESSION.

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