Guys, I hope you enjoyed last weeks blog on “Is Alcohol Making Me Fat?”. If you missed it, no worries, just click here to catch up.

I promised that I’d share with you some simple tips on how to still enjoy a tipple or two yet limit the damage.

And here they are …

Organic Wine

Try to drink organic wine where possible. Non-organic wine is full of synthetic additives such as flavour enhancers plus the grapes will have been sprayed with a load of pesticides and herbicides. You may not know this but wine does not have to list it’s ingredients but if it did it would read like a chemistry set of E numbers which are highly carcinogenic and toxic.

Alternate Wine & Water

An uber-simple way to cut back on booze is to alternate between one wine and one water. Not only will the water keep you hydrated, but it will also reduce the amount of alcohol you drink by half.

Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a great supplement to help flush out wine induced toxins.

I always have a large pint of Chlorophyll water before I go out, then one when I come back right before bed and then another first thing in the morning. Chlorophyll helps hydrate, flush out toxins, oxygenates and helps alkalise the body. We need this extra support as alcohol is very acidic and contains a lot of sugar.

Liver Health

Liver Health helps nourish, protect and cleanse the liver as it can get overloaded with excess toxins and become sluggish. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and helps perform over 500 functions. It has to run efficiently and be looked after as it has such a huge impact on our metabolism and hormones.

B-Fit 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

If you feel you’ve been out partying a lot or even just need a good body cleanse and reboot … don’t forget about the B-Fit 21 Day Weight Loss Plan! It’s a perfect way to help get rid of unwanted and excess toxins, thus removing fat. I recommend you do a body spring clean every 12-16 weeks.

So that’s a wrap for today, my friend. Hope you enjoyed and as always I’d love to hear from you.

Got any strategies you use to minimise the effects of alcohol? Please do share.

Finally, if you’d prefer one-to-one help on this subject or your health and fitness, in general, you can always book in for a FREE B-Fit Session here.

Much love and appreciation

Gaynor x

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