Ok so we made it through January and are now into the 2 week of February. Remember your New Year resolutions from January? How many of you went on a ‘diet’? Chances are your plans melted away as January plodded on,-the diet became too restrictive and unsustainable  and  your New Year’s resolutions are now a distant memory.

But don’t worry, I can help you get back on track! Here’s how…

1. Think about what you promised

First of all, remember that you made a promise to yourself, and that you haven’t forgotten about it. Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back!

2.Be realistic with your time

If you have slipped on your resolutions, it may be because you set your sights too high. So think about what went wrong.

Was it a lack of time? Sure, being fit and fabulous takes some investment of time but it doesn’t have to take years! Even 10 minutes of the RIGHT exercise  a day will make you feel better, and healthy eating doesn’t mean slaving away in the kitchen! Healthy food can be quick and easy AND delicious !

In fact my B-Fit recipes are designed for busy women who don’t want to spend hours preparing food as realistically most of my clients have extremely busy lives with work and family commitments.So go easy on yourself and set yourself realistic goals.

3.Being focused will help your motivation!

The more focused you are, the easier it is to achieve your goals. So set very specific goals, and get busy working towards them every single day. And make sure you  record your progress, it will help keep you on track!Be specific! Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much fitter to I want to be?
  • What do I want to be able to do and why ?
  • How much can I do now?
  • If its fat loss you want then ask yourself  what size you want to be rather than focusing on  weight
  • When do I want to be able to achieve this by?

4. Be kind to yourself

Seriously, don’t beat yourself up! You wouldn’t be so mean to your friends or loved ones, so why do it to yourself?

Remember to focus on what you CAN achieve realistically instead of what you cannot. Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Look at what you have achieved so far and what you want to achieve next.And remember to take baby steps – just one step at a time rather than trying to achieve everything  all at once in an unrealistic time frame !!

5.Live in the present for a better future

When it comes to your New Year resolutions, the past is irrelevant. What matters is the here and now, and more importantly what you do next.

You need that next action to take you one tiny bit closer to your goal, so let go of the past and get your best foot forward! Focus on what you really  want to achieve next and what you actually need to do to achieve it.

6.Repeat after me: “I can do this!”

Now say it 10 times and imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your goals.

Will you feel proud? Happy? Confident? Fantastic? Fit? Slim? Younger? Sexy? All of the above? Give it a go and see!

The point is, even though it is February, is not too late to pick up on your resolutions.

Take action now! And if you need help achieving your goals just call or text me on 07748 298 728 or CLICK HERE  for a FREE confidential chat, or to arrange a FREE one-to-one B-Fit session with me.

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