I have always believed in the fact that you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight.

Yes,you did read that correctly!

To get straight to the point ,most women have it all wrong. They’re  desperately trying to lose weight so they can ‘get healthy’. Many women often remember a time in their 20’s or  early 30’s when they weighed 8 stone and were a size 10, such as their wedding day when they felt at their happiest and had tons more energy than they do now in their 40’s or 50’s ,weighing several stone heavier !

Many women equate their happiness and health with their weight.

But in reality,it is actually the other way around!

Basically, the reason many women who have gained weight over the years, and are now struggling so hard to lose that weight, is because they’re just not healthy enough and their body is usually struggling with something or several things internally!

Does this sound like you? Do you feel like it’s harder and harder to shift that unwanted weight as you get older, no matter what you do?

Don’t worry, you have the power to fix this! You can and should get healthy, right now, so that you can lose that unwanted fat /weight… if that’s what you want.

If you’re feeling overly stressed, are suffering from poor sleep, digestive issues such as IBS, are struggling with hormonal imbalances, food cravings , mood swings, difficult periods, perimenopause or menopause symptoms , or other underlying bodily dysfunction such as thyroid issues, a sluggish ’overloaded’ liver, then losing weight is going to be really  tough and you’ll need to get healthy first, BEFORE  your weight loss journey can begin.

We need to address the root cause, not the outcome, especially if you want to keep that unwanted fat / weight off ,once you have lost it ! It’s not  simply a case of calories in and calories out , there’s a lot more to it and we have to dig deeper !

If your body is in optimum health, it’s a lot easier to achieve your optimum size and weight. Those underlying issues need to be addressed to take all of that stress off your body, then you’ll lose weight.

A great place to start is by doing this FREE lifestyle analysis which is quick online questionnaire that will help you identify any weak areas in your body that maybe struggling and in need of nutritional support. It only takes a few minutes to complete but is thorough enough to give you an accurate analysis of your body systems and will highlight where improvements can be made to enhance your overall health and wellbeing

Click HERE to take your FREE lifestyle analysis and take the first step to improve your general health

So ,if you think your overall health could be  affecting your ability to lose fat and achieve your optimum body shape then  give me a call on 07748 298 728  or contact me HERE so we can have a confidential chat and look at how we can help you to improve your health, shift that unwanted fat and keep it off, without doing faddy ,restrictive diets.

At this busy time of year It’s more important than ever to focus on making ‘some you time ‘ for yourself and your health everyday .

I look forward to chatting to you soon.

Gaynor X

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