Forget shopping for new clothes this year. Why would you do that when this weight you are at isn’t going to last?

You are determined to do something about it

…but you haven’t started yet 

….God you do NOT want to be buying anything the next size up! 

…but then you have nothing to wear 

…The pressure is on, you feel that dreaded panic – Christmas is coming! Maybe a new dress?

… but you haven’t yet lost the weight you gained over your holiday, and you know that if anyone produces a camera then you will dive for the loo! Argghhhhh!

Does this all sound familiar?

Well, how about that NOT happening this year?

How about this instead?

ENJOY a Guilt Free Christmas!


  • tone up without faddy diets or spending hours bored in the gym!
  • Look & feel fabulous this season
  • Eat what you want over Christmas – without worrying. You have a Recovery Plan in place.
  • Start now, get ahead before the new year’s resolutions kick in!

I want to make absolutely sure that you hit “that goal” this xmas.

I know this time of year fills so many women with dread and I know I’m going to get crazy busy with those people looking to make a lasting change.

For a limited time, I’m inviting anyone interested in finding more about one to one Personal Training, nutrition and lifestyle courses or small group PT with B-Fit THIS WEEK to benefit from one of my special deals:

  1. Personal Training “Guilt Free” Offer

Mini Personal Training packages now available. To BOOK A FREE Taster session or just an informal chat – Text or call Gaynor on 07748 298728 ONLY 2 FREE PLACES AVAILABLE THIS WEEK

2. Small  Group PT January 2016 course – Read more here  – ONLY 2 PLACES AVAILABLE 

To find out more please email me as soon as possible  We do this every year, and its always rather popular!

It’s not too late to make a lasting change and let right now be the date you look back on in the future and say “That’s the point when things changed”.

Remember all those things you promised yourself back in January? There’s still time to make a start on achieving those goals. Drop me a text in confidence and we can have an informal chat at a time that suits you 07748 298728. I have a few sessions available this side of Christmas if you’re quick!

One of my B-Fit clients already? Getting lots of admiring glances and lovely compliments? People asking how you have done it? Feel free to share the love and forward this blog.

Clare lost four stone!


“I am married with two children and work full time.  I joined B-Fit at
the end of October last year when my weight had got to such a point that I didn’t know what to do.  I had lost my confidence and my sense of who I was.  My weight had ballooned since having the children and I had done most of the diets over the years, all with initial positive results but none of them really changing my approach to food or my fitness levels.
Since starting B-Fit , I have lost over four stone and dropped four sizes which I am thrilled about. I feel more confident, have lowered my blood pressure, am able to be active with my family and an feeling more feminine (recently wearing a dress and tights something I had been avoiding for a long time!).
I have followed the B-Fit eating plan and enjoy the fitness sessions
which has surprised me.  I am really looking  forward to achieving my
next set of goals.”



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