Most people are  aware of the huge array of benefits from exercising  regularly, so why aren’t more people  doing it? The  main reason people don’t exercise is sheer lack of motivation. Motivation is key to exercise, so here are a few  tips to get you off that sofa , get your heart pumping and that body moving !

Make exercise a ‘must’ , not a ‘maybe’-prioritise exercise into your daily routine and make time for it! Make it a permanent, non negotiable,  regular fixture  in your  busy life and make other non- productive activities such as watching television  secondary to it. Don’t allow ‘lack of time’ to be an excuse-  just make time for it! I personally find that scheduling my exercise in early in the morning , before breakfast and before my crazy starts , works well  but we are all different and you need to find the right time for you, put it in your diary  and a make it a regular thing so it becomes a habit and part of your daily routine.

Set and Review goals. Goals are extremely powerful.If you have a holiday or wedding  you want to look fantastic for or  a 5k or 10 k to train for?  Then set  a certain  dress size or waist measurement  to be by  your holiday or wedding or  a number of  km to run each week. Just set one goal at a time, ensure its achievable  and realistic , track  and  review it regularly, then  once you have reached that  goal , set another to keep you motivated.

Take pictures + see the improvement! Most people want to improve how they look. With  determination, the right  food and exercise , you can reshape your entire body. Take pictures of yourself before and then on a weekly basis to show you how your body is changing .Let that image of a fitter, slimmer you keep you motivated  to carry on.

Think of you  how the health benefits will improve your life. Physical appearance is a huge motivating factor but  to stay motivated in the long term , health should be an even bigger one , even though we can’t  always see it- we can really  feel it! The list of health  and well-being benefits that exercise provides is enormous( but I will save that for another time ) Think about enjoying a high quality of life  for years to come, free of disease  or health concerns, allowing you to run around with your children or grandchildren, do all the things you want to do  and get the most out of life!

 Keep an exercise log , detailing exactly what you have done each session eg times, weights, reps and distances etc to track your progress and show you how you are improving each week.

 Find an exercise partner- and arrange to meet them at specific  times/ dates  as you are more likely to not let them down for training sessions .It  also helps if your partner  has similar goals to you.

Reward yourself every time you reach a goal eg treat yourself  to a massage or a new pair of trainers.

Go to an experienced  Personal Trainer  who has been recommended or has a good  local reputation with  genuine  success stories such as THESE . A good trainer will motivate you and make your training varied, fun and efficient and will not only help you enjoy the right exercise but  will also help  you enjoy  the right foods for life , without faddy restrictive dieting.

 Just Do it! Starting is  always the hardest part and your biggest obstacle. You need to believe in yourself, tell yourself you can do it, stop making excuses  not to start and just go for it!

 For a FREE confidential chat or  more information on weight loss, nutrition ,fitness   and how to achieve optimum health , just  click HERE or  give me call on 07748 298 728

Love and motivation

Gaynor x


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