In this blog, I want to talk about detox. Now, before you roll your eyes at the thought of starving yourself or only eating celery sticks at all meals, you should know that doing a detox two to three times a year will provide great benefits to your body. And starving yourself has absolutely nothing to do with it!

For starters, these days we are bombarded with toxins on a consistent basis — from the water we use to shower and drink (chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals); from the products we use on our bodies (sodium laurel sulphate, parabens, and other chemical nasties); from the food that we eat (pesticides, genetically modified fruits and vegetables, and processed foods with refined sugar, E-numbers and other chemical preservatives); from what we drink (and yes, that includes coffee and alcohol); from the cleansers we use around our homes, like ammonia and bleach; pharmaceuticals, which contains heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury; and even from the air we breath (car pollution and other particulates that are constantly released into the atmosphere).

And given that our liver has to process all of these toxins, it’s no surprise that if you don’t detox on a regular basis, then these chemicals will build up and cause your liver to work much harder than it needs to. On top of this, if there are excess toxins floating around in your bloodstream because the liver, which is our largest internal organ, is overwhelmed, then these toxins will find a home in your body where you definitely don’t want them to — your fat cells! And the more toxic load you are holding in your fat cells, the bigger they grow to attract more toxins from your blood. And when these toxic fat cells get overloaded themselves, then your body will produce more fat cells, and thus the cycle continues — until you make the choice to detox your body from all the gunk.

So, if you are on a weight loss journey, then it is vitally important that you schedule in a detox, because besides cleaning up your fat cells to make them shrink, you will also benefit from better absorption of nutrients from the clean and healthy foods that you do eat, which will in turn leave you feeling more energised. On top of this, you will decrease the chance of any indigestion and bloating causing you issues, and will boost your overall metabolism, which means in the end that you will lose even more weight than if you simply went on a diet, which from all my experience over the years, I tell you straight that diets don’t work!

This means that keeping your liver as clean and healthy as possible will help it to function optimally, which will result in you feeling much more energised with a vitality that you may have even forgotten about.

And there are many more benefits to doing a detox besides weight loss, having more energy and improving your digestion. For example, the quality of your sleep will improve and you won’t suffer from hot flushes as much, because toxin buildup in your body is a key cause of disrupting your hormones, which is why you may be suffering from sleepless nights and night sweats. So, how can doing a detox make you feel any better than this? Well, detoxing will provide you with:

Relieving Joint Pain

By eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten, sugar and cow’s dairy from your consumption while you’re also feeding the body with antioxidants through fresh vegetables, fruits and healthier grains during your detox, it will reduce overall swelling in your body, which will also help to make your joints feel better and less painful.

Eliminating Cravings

Reaching for the crisps, pizza, chocolate, biscuits or wine a bit too much? Well, once you detox, you don’t have to worry about having enough willpower to stay away from these inflammatory foods and stick to your healthy eating plan, because even after just a few days, your tastebuds will not only change, but because the cells in your body will be thriving from more nutrition, it automatically stops cravings. All of my clients who have been through my own detox, the B-Fit 21-Day Weight Loss Plan, can attest to this fact.


Mental Clarity

Are you sick and tired of having mood swings, insomnia and/or hot flushes? After completing your detox, the stress on your hormones and nervous system will be less, so you’ll be able to have better sleep, your mind will be sharper with no brain fog, improved memory and focus, and your hot flushes will be less annoying — or may even disappear altogether. What’s not to like about that?

Autumn is the perfect season to do a full body detox, because when your body feels better, you have a sharper mind, and you’ve given a massive boost to your immune system, then you also take a huge step in preventing illness during the upcoming cold months, when most people get sick. People who regularly detox hardly ever suffer from colds and flu — and yes, this can be you too!

I hope you’ll join me in taking part in the B-Fit 21-Day Weight Loss Plan, just like my client Jenny did, who not only dropped a dress size, but also eliminated her cravings for sugar and chocolate in just three weeks.

I look forward to serving you!

Love, Gaynor x

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