B-Fit Exercise Of The Month: Side To Side Crab (With Reach)

I really love compound exercises, because they use different muscle groups and result in you building more muscle strength, which helps you to burn fat even more efficiently. And this exercise, the Side To Side Crab (With Reach), is another one of my favourites…


The Side To Side Crab (With Reach) is not only great for helping to slim your tummy and define your waist, but it also works to tone both your inner AND outer thighs, your arms (bye, bye bingo wings), your shoulders and give you a pert bottom.

Try to include the Side To Side Crab (With Reach) exercise in your home exercise program. If you don’t have a home exercise program already, then you can simply start by doing this exercise for just 1 minute, before having another minute’s rest. Then repeat this sequence 3 times. If you’re feeling strong, you can do it all again! And if you need an easier version, you can start with by doing the same moves on your hands and knees.

Watch out for future exercise videos coming soon. If you have any questions about this exercise or need any further help, then you can text / call me on 07748 298 728 or CLICK HERE.

Love, Gaynor x

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