Here’s a lovely and filing smoothie recipe that will fill you up and provide you with more nutrition than a soya-based vegan burger will on any day (please click here to read my blog Moving Beyond Beyond Meat).


1 small avocado
4 kale leaves
3 celery stalks
1-inch chunk of fresh ginger root
1 small courgette
½ cup of frozen cauliflower rice or chopped fresh cauliflower fresh.
Handful of fresh coriander (or mint)
½ an unwaxed lemon, including the peel and pith
1 pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt
20g of pea protein
2 tsp organic coconut oil
Filtered water or unsweetened nut milk
Shredded coconut flakes to garnish

Now this is what I call a proper green smoothie, as it doesn’t contain a ton of sugar, which most smoothie recipes (even the green ones) do! Yes, fruit sugar is healthier for you than processed sugar, but overloading your system first thing in the morning with fruit sugar in a liquid form will raise your blood sugar levels even higher, and cause you to crave even more sugar during the day!!!

But just because this green smoothie doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, it’s still really delicious and is great to start your day with, because it is packed with veggies that will give your body lots of nutrition first thing in the morning and has a lot of protein that will keep you going until your lunchtime meal.

I’ve also added a B-Fit touch by adding my favourite pea protein, but you could also use a healthy hemp or pure whey protein powder.


Love, Gaynor x


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