It’s hard keeping your motivation at 100% all the time. We all go through spells where life gets in the way and we need a little helping hand to get their and get to our goals. So here are my 10 top tips to improve your motivation when it comes to working out. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been exercising for years, these tips will help you get inspired and motivated.

My 10 Top Tips for Workout Motivation

1. Goals – are they realistic and in set time frames?

If you’ve trained with me you’ll know that we set short, mid and long term goals. We also make sure they’re realistic and we set a time frame against them too. I get my clients to write them down and leave them somewhere that you see them every single day. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day – fitness and weight loss takes time and effort.  Mini fortnightly goals are good if you have a long journey ahead of you.

2. Before and after photos – do you take them?

Trust me, you will REALLY regret it if you don’t take photos along the way on your journey. You shouldn’t always rely on the scale for a gague of how well you’ve done in your transformation. Take a photo of yourself and do your measurements.  Repeat this every month and watch your progress. You will love it the further along in your journey you get.
3. Is your kitchen helping or hindering?

Get organised in your kitchen – empty your cupboards of “junk”. Then write a weekly menu plan full of lovely healthy home-cooked meals. And STICK TO IT!

4. Plan ahead and prepare to succeed!

Do your shopping from your shopping menu for the whole week. Home delivery can save time and temptation too.

5. Move your bottom!

You need to get active. Choose an activity that you ENJOY and that will work for you – deciding to start running when you are 4 stone overweight, for example, will NOT be fun or practical and you will quickly find excuses not to continue!! I am an advocate of working smart when it comes to exercises. The clients who follow my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan know that this plan comes with home exercise videos. They’re really quick and easy but they save time because I work smart and use your whole body with each exercise.

6. Get by with a little help from your friends…

If you are a sociable type, join up with friends to exercise. Make a pact to help each other.

You could also think about joining one of my Group Personal Training Courses and learning all about my style of exercises I like to do with clients and train with likeminded ladies.

7. Get support.

This is so important and is a vital step in any lifestyle change. All my Personal Training clients benefit from this one as hey have me at their side, guiding them every step of the way! You can also be accountable by telling people what you plan to do and ask them to help you to stick to it. A good friend would love to see you happy.

8. Keep the negativity at bay

Avoid discussing your goals with people who are not positive. “Well intentioned terrorists” will say things like “I think you’re mad doing that”. Or “You don’t need to do that”.  Even if you don’t believe them, these negatives have a subconscious effect.

9. Know your craving avoidance tactics…

Remember, cravings only last for 20 minutes. Have craving avoidance tactics … clean your teeth, climb the stairs 10 times, have a bath etc.You can override them!

10. Reward and reap the benefits

Make sure that you REWARD yourself for your efforts. Every time you hit a mini goal, you MUST treat yourself. Non edibles, of course!!  I like to book in for a massage, facial or encourage my clients to treat themselves to a new item of clothing that shows off their success!

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