Aka.. how to still fit into your pants on Monday morning!

So if you’ve read my blog recently you’ll know that I had a weekend of complete over indulgence in London with the girls. We had a ball! An absolute scream infact. Even though I let my hair down with merriment and also food and drink, I still have a foolproof way of enjoying the weekend whilst not completely derailing my health and fitness goals.

6 Tips for Surviving the Weekend Yo-Yo

So, you’re following my 80/20 rule and you’re having a blow out this weekend. What are my top tips for staying on track?

1) Dance your socks off!

This weekend we ended up in a latino club salsa dancing like the best of them! Shaking our hips, spinning round and moving our bodies ensured that we burnt off our over indulgences whilst doing something fun.

Dance with gusto and it is impossible to hold a glass of wine at the same time! So, dancing like you’re Shakira or Beyonce for the evening will ensure that you’re not drinking as much alcohol (and you’re looking absolutely amazing in the process! Work it…). You’ll be so hot and sweaty you’ll be pleading with the barman for a pint of water.

2) Water, wine, water, wine

There’s nothing more unattractive than having to be carried home by 10pm because you’ve supped a cellar full of wine. Make a pact with your mates and alternate rounds between water and wine. Once you’ve done this once, had a great time, felt merry, got home in one piece (without succumbing to a kebab) and woke up not feeling too bad you’ll do this every time you go out – trust me!

3) Make a B-Fit cocktail before you go out and when you come in

My B-Fit cocktail is nicknamed the ‘bad head banisher’ because it honestly helps with that hangover.

Make a mixture of Nature’s Sunshine liquid chlorophyll, coconut water and Zambroza. Stick a paper umbrella in it, a cherry and pretend it’s a cocktail before you head out. Have one when you get in, before you go to bed and you’ll feel the difference in the morning.

4) Eat smart before you drink smart

When eating out on a night out, go for healthy options on menu whenever possible. I like to stick to  fish, salad and avoid the processed carbs and rich sauces. Be brave! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, and what you need. For example, sweet potatoes instead of chips or jacket potato, more vegetables instead of white rice, no bread with soup, olive oil for salads instead of rich dressings. You know what you should be eating and if you eat smart, it will ensure you’re not suffering the morning after.

5) Prepare for the morning after

No, I don’t mean alka seltzer and a fry up! If you prepare for the morning after with the right nutrient dense foods, you’re more likely to stick to the plan and not scupper your efforts. Plus, you’ll say a firm “no!” to that temptation of a McDonalds breakfast or carvery dinner once that hangover really kicks in, in the afternoon. I like to have rye bread ready to toast with chopped avocado and poached eggs. It’s a healthy, satisfying breakfast that will really help your body recover quicker.

6) Plan a detox every 3-4 months

Get rid of excess toxins stored in fat by completing my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan (aka my detox). Not only will it rid the body of toxins, leaving you feeling energetic and mentally clearer but there’s a GUARANTEED 8-14lbs weight loss OR drop a dress size in the three weeks! Read all about it here…


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