Lorraine was given some B-Fit vouchers for Christmas and redeemed them against the B-Fit B-Fabulous Transformation package. In just four weeks, Lorraine completely transformed her appearance, her life and the lifestyle of her family too. Read all her about her B-Fit journey so far;

“My names Lorraine I’m a 33 old mum of one and I’ve tried nearly every diet I can think of and got to a point of yo-yoing for years. I started to feel lost as one diet or fad contradicted another … low fat? No carbs? High protein? Shakes? Soups? You name it I’ve tried it. I felt like I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was going from one quick fix to another. What was I doing to my body?!

I then came across B-Fit. I had a free consultation with Gaynor and what she spoke about and explained sounded and felt so right. It was just what I needed to understand and learn to obtain a healthy body. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, all the confusion of good and bad was becoming clear. I started with B-Fit , got my 21 day detox pack, videos & books and did four one to one sessions with Gaynor. My first thought was wow, so may different recipes … So many different foods …. Was I doing the right thing? I’m not the best cook! 
After a week of reading and testing out new foods and recipes I was ready to start my 21 day detox and it was the best thing I have ever done. We now eat as a family. No more low fat, low cal foods. We all eat a lot healthier. I’ve tried so many different things and enjoyed the food so much. My favourite recipe has been chick pea dahl, the Mediterranean cod was so simple and tasty and the green curry so easy and delicious! And to top it off Ive lost 13lb and 8cm off my tummy!! Thank you Gaynor for the support and reassurance that I will get the body I want. I still have a way to go but B-Fit has put me on the right path to my goals, my path for life ! I’m really looking forward to continuing my B-Fit journey and joining Gaynor’s Group Personal Training course to get me to my next goal .”

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