How to Stick to your New Year Resolutions in 2016


New Year Resolutions. They are notoriously hard to keep going all year. Thankfully I have a number of really effective strategies that will help you stick to your guns and achieve your New Year Resolution Goals in 2016!

Make small steps to help you go the distance

Make realistic resolutions that you know you can keep. If, for example, your aim is to exercise more frequently, schedule two or three days of exercise and keep it small – no more than an hour per session. That way you’re not shocking your system and all of a sudden heading to the gym seven days a week!

None of my clients head to the gym seven days a week, by the way. I believe in teaching the RIGHT exercise that saves you time and gets you results!

Do not diet. Getting it right and sticking with it is about making a decision and acknowledging that you need to stick with this for life. This lifestyle change can be daunting, so start small.

In my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day weight Loss Plan, one of the main things we do is cut out gluten. Try to focus on just that for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. Remember, if you’re really stuck with your eating then you can always arrange a free confidential chat with me and we can talk through nutrition, teaching you how to enjoy the right foods for life. Text me on 07748 298728 to arrange a chat.

Change one behaviour at a time

Unhealthy behaviours develop over the course of time, therefore replacing unhealthy behaviours with healthy ones takes time. Don’t get overwhelmed and think that you have to reassess everything in your life. Instead, work toward changing one thing at a time.

It’s good to talk!

If you get stuck, you can always your experiences with family and friends. Consider joining a support group to reach your goals. My Personal Training Course Group is always incredibly supportive and I also have a group on Facebook  where likeminded B-Fit clients support one another and share recipes. Having someone to share your struggles and successes with makes your journey to a healthier lifestyle that much easier and less intimidating.

Don’t beat yourself up

Perfection is unattainable. Minor missteps when reaching your goals are completely normal and OK. Don’t give up completely because you ate too much chocolate, had a big night out or skipped the exercise for a week because you were busy. Everyone has ups and downs! Just resolve to recover from your mistakes and get back on track.

Call in the professionals!

Accepting help from those who care about you strengthens your resilience and ability to manage stress caused by your resolution.

If you feel overwhelmed or unable to meet your goals on your own, consider getting professional help. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you wouldn’t cut your own hair or fix your own car (unless you are a hairdresser or mechanic!).

There is so much conflicting and untrue information out there when it comes to weight loss and getting fit. It is important to understand that you are unique and your body and goals will not be the same as the next person. You need to find what works for you. When I take on new clients, the journey starts by really identifying where you are now and where you want to be. What is your lifestyle like? Do you have limiting injuries? And so on.

I tailor a bespoke plan to YOU personally which means you will get better results in less time. I help women to easily and quickly change unhealthy behaviours and get results!

For a FREE confidential chat on your own resolutions and my strategies to help you keep them, arrange a one to one confidential B-Fit talk with me. Call or text me on 07748 298728 or email

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