You know the ones. Those pesky voices:

They say you haven’t got time,

They say you’re too tired,

They say you’re being selfish, 

They say “just lie in for a few more minutes”

They say “sod it, do it tomorrow”

They say “it won’t make a difference anyway”

They say “you’ve got so much work to do”

They say you can’t be bothered

They say it’s too hard

They say “1 day off won’t hurt”

Sound familiar? They sound familiar to me too you know! After all, we are only human. Just like you, I also get the voices and ultimately when I listen to them, I end up disappointed.

Disappointed in myself, disappointed at missing an opportunity, and disappointed that I gave in to the voices, for I know that I can be stronger than them.

But how can you be stronger? How can you change those voices in your head to help, to motivate and to spur you on?

Silence the negative voices for good

So, ignoring those negative thoughts I try and concentrate on the positive ones, the real helpful voices and the reasons I keep on doing what I’m doing. My successful clients have this trick down to a ’T’ so it’s time to remember the real reasons why we are doing it. Grab a pen and paper and write this down. Add your own in too and repeat these to yourself:

I am doing this because…

it makes me feel healthy

it makes me feel strong

it challenges me and makes me feel alive

it makes me feel proud of myself

it makes me happier

it makes me a good example to my children

it makes me feel good in clothes

it makes me feel more attractive

it helps me lose weight

it helps my skin look better

it helps my health and keeps conditions at bay

it helps me sculpt a nice bottom!

Go on, have a go. What are the REAL reasons you’re doing this? Write them down and come back to them often. Before bed is usually a great time to reflect on these, especially if you have an early morning training session planned the next day. It will help you stop reaching for that snooze button!

I have many clients who lead very busy lives or have demands on their time. What sets them apart from others? They don’t take notice of the negative voices and reflect on the reasons why they train, the reasons why they choose to eat the right foods and the reasons why they keep focusing on their short and long term goals.

Sam Corran has a busy life, but she still makes time and has achieved some amazing results. Read her story here.

So, ignore those voices and remind yourself of those reasons. And if you need help with making those reasons a reality and a nudge in the right direction, I can give you GUARANTEED results. I’ve got a free session this week where you can join me for an informal chat about you, the reasons why you want to do this and how I can help keep those voices at bay for good. Get in touch to arrange your chat. 07748 298728


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