We’re all guilty of it. You’ve eaten dinner, the pots are in the dishwasher, the kids are in bed and you get that feeling of just needing something extra to enjoy in front of the TV.

Instead of raiding the biscuit tin or nipping to the shop for that bottle of wine, crisps and chocolate, there’s ten amazing little night time snacks I want to tell you about that will actually HELP your weight loss.

So what should you be snacking on, without feeling guilty?

1) 2 cups of organic air-popped popcorn, sprinkled with cinnamon

2) Celery, cucumber and carrot sticks with hummus

3) Green olives and artichoke hearts in olive oil

4) A handful of almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nuts , seeds and goji berries and a couple of figs

5) ½ cup cooked oatmeal/ organic porridge oats made with ½ scoop Nature’s Sunshine PEA Protein plus , almond milk , berries  and cinnamon

6) Big desert spoon of CO Yo coconut yogurt  mixed with ¼ cup pineapple, cocoa nibs and cinnamon

7) Cup of cocoa – made with almond milk, organic raw cocao powder or ground cocao nibs and a bit of honey / teaspoon

8) Simple smoothie: Blend 1  cup plain kefir or coconut milk with ½ cup  with any veg- eg cucumber, kale, carrots and  fruit  eg kiwi, watermelon and 1 scoop of pea protein plus

9) 2 organic  Brown rice cakes(KALLO) topped with  buffalo mozzarella , sliced tomatoes and olive oil

10) 1 slice  organic rye toast spread with 1 Tbsp almond nut butter

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