6 Simple Tips to Lose Weight

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If I were to tell you that losing weight isn’t about restricting yourself and eating less, would you believe me? It’s really true! Many B-Fit clients find that they end up eating much more on my plans, and they’re shocked to find that they still lose weight… and lots of it! Better still, they’re sleeping better, they have more energy and they feel happier!

Some people do tend to overindulge, and indulge in the WRONG type of food. Often they struggle when it comes to changing their diets and cutting out the rubbish.

Struggling with portion sizes, unconscious eating, emotional eating and eating too quickly are all common problems that result in you overeating.

But don’t worry! Here are 6 simple tips that will help you break these bad habits and form new ones when it comes to controlling your appetite.

1. Savour every mouthful!

1 mindful eating

When you eat, try to really focus on what you’re putting into your mouth. Ideally, eat with no distractions like the TV or mobile phone, and instead relax and enjoy your meal or snack.

Concentrate on what you are eating, chew it thoroughly and you’re well on your way to achieving a state of ‘mindful eating’.

Want to know why this is so beneficial?

Mindful eating can:

  • Aid better digestion.
  • Help your body absorb nutrients better.
  • Cause less intestinal discomfort.
  • Will ensure that your brain recognises the feeling of fullness.

 2. Bigger bowls = bigger portions!

2-big bowls

In other words, use smaller crockery! The bigger the plate, the more you will consume. So, buy smaller plates bowls and cups!

It’s a simple trick, but it really works. In the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 85 nutrition professionals were asked to serve themselves a bowl of ice cream using a variety of bowl sizes. Those who had larger bowls served themselves 31% more than those with the smaller bowls.

3. Dib Dib Dib, Be Prepared!

3 prepared

Have you ever opened a giant bag of crisps and started to eat straight from the packet, only to realise you’ve finished the lot without consciously realising?! It is easily done.

Eating straight from the bag can lead to some serious overeating. It is also harder to keep a track of your food if this is a habit you have. Even healthy organic nuts can lead to overeating and will derail you from your plan.

Pre-portioning your food into small containers or bowls so you know exactly how much you are eating will easily solve this problem!

4. Eliminate your triggers!

3-trigger foods

Everyone has trigger foods – snacks we turn to absentmindedly in moments of weakness. You struggle to resist them, but you can’t stop eating them once you have started, and you even find yourself dreaming about them!

Take these important steps towards trigger-food-freedom!

STEP 1: Acknowledge that you know what they are.

STEP 2: List all the places where temptation lives, and AVOID like the plague! This includes shopping when hungry, or buying them for the kids.

STEP 3: Eradicate them from your life! You really don’t need them.

5. Keep a food diary


This is absolutely the BEST weight loss tool ever! I’ve spent years working with ladies who struggle to maintain their ideal weight, and this is one tip that just WORKS! You can either keep a paper diary or track online using a computer or your phone with sites such as

It will help you plan and will help you see all your food laid out, and will help you make conscious, healthy choices.

Try it! It works.

6. Give your insides a spring clean!

modern day toxins


It is absolutely vital to any weight loss program that we completely cleanse our body from the inside out FOUR TIMES A YEAR!

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins, in a myriad of ways, including:

  • What we eat and drink – alcohol, pesticides on our vegetables, and synthetic additives (preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers, sugar).
  • Toiletries and cosmetics that contain nasty chemicals such as parabens, PEGs and sodium lauryl sulphate.
  • Household cleaning products, paints, plastics and flame retardant finishes on household furnishings.
  • Medications, and that’s not even including other people’s medications found in our water supply, along with fluoride and chlorine!
  • Environmental pollution.

Yes we have a liver and kidneys to help deal with these toxins, but we are not designed to deal with the excessive amount of chemicals that go into our bodies.

Did you know that a woman puts an average of 500 synthetic toxins into her body every day!

Over time our liver becomes sluggish and less efficient. And as our bodies are extremely clever, they store these excessive toxins in FAT CELLS, in a place furthest away from our heart… the tummy!

If we cleanse these toxins out of the body, we will LOSE FAT and increase our muscle tone!

This is why regular cleansing is crucial in any weight loss program, and is KEY FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH as these excessive toxins will effect our hormones, our metabolism, our energy levels, our immune system and our sleep.

I’ve created a fantastic program that will cleanse these unwanted toxins out of your body , teach you to enjoy the right nutritious foods for life, do a bit of the right exercise without spending hours in the gym, balance out your hormones, increase your energy levels AND GUARANTEES YOU DROP A DRESS SIZE OR 8-14 lb in 21 days.

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