OK, so lazy people is a bit far. I’m not calling you lazy at all but for those of us who do admit to being a bit lazy, or even falling into that trap from time to time, here’s 12 ways to make weight loss a little easier.

12 Weight Loss Tips for Those of us Who are Lazy

1. Drink water instead of your usual drink. Not only will this hydrate you adequately, but will have all round health benefits, reduce bloating and make your skin look better. You can have one treat drink every day, but try avoid alcohol excessively.
2. So you REALLY can’t resist an ice cream, those chips or that bag of sweets? Honestly? You really can’t? Then ask for what you want and get in the habit of asking for “a small portion”. Just get a little one. Small as possible.
3. Use your household chores as a full body workout. Hoover with long sweeping movements. Squat when you load the washing machine, or check the oven. For an amazing workout scrub a floor by hand or take floor cloths under hands and feet and polish on all fours, sliding hands and feet in a plank formation to polish the floor and get an amazing ab workout at the same time.
4. Exercise in front of the telly – Use the free exercise videos I give you each week in my newsletter. Do these in every ad break if you can’t continue it through your favourite TV show.
5. Instead of using the remote, get up and change the channel on the telly.
6. Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed earlier, rather than staying up and getting bored in front of the TV. Sleep is key to weight loss as it regulate cortisol levels, responsible for fat storage particularly round our tummies.
7. When seeing friends, go for a walk rather than go for lunch. Doing something active together will save your waistline and your wallet.
8. Always stand up when you are on the phone. Pace around. Keep moving and active. If at home, clean at the same time you’re on the phone. If out and about, walk but if on the roads watch out for the traffic!
9. Park your car at the furthest end of the carpark. You will save time space-hunting and you will get that additional bit of movement in.
10. Always take the stairs, rather than the escalator or the lift. Stair climbing is fantastic exercise and great for bum and thighs.
11. While waiting for the kettle to boil, do squats. Challenge yourself, how many can you do before the kettle boils?
12. Any time you have to sit, try to sit bolt upright, with your chest gently lifted and shoulders back. It’s great for posture. It burns more calories than just slumping.  And it can make you feel super positive too.
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