It’s summer, it’s warm, it’s humid and we need to make sure that we stay hydrated, especially when exercising.

I recommend three litres of clean, fresh, ideally filtered water per day but how else can you stay hydrated? Roughly 20% of our water intake per day should come from foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

On a hot summer day, boost your hydration with these top 10 hydrating foods:

1. Green Peppers

With a whopping 93.9% water content, green peppers possess a slightly higher water count than their red and yellow cousins.  Bursting full of antioxidants, peppers are best eaten raw. I love to cut them up and snack on the go or try dipping into homemade dips. Check out my dip recipes here.

2. Tomato

When you’re on holiday, somewhere warm and sunny, which is that one item of food that just tastes divine? The tomato of course! (And they always taste better in the sun don’t they?). I particularly love cherry or plum tomatoes as a quick snack but they’re easy to add to your meals or salads, whether raw or cooked. Tomatoes are full of lycopene and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

3. Cucumber

At 95% water content, the cucumber wins the competition for highest water content of any solid food! Cucumber contains both fibre and vitamin C and I recommend in a crunchy salad, again with dips or how about a refreshing juice with a squeeze of lime?

4. Watermelon

A definite delicious treat in the warmer months, get your mouth round a wedge of watermelon for both an instant water and sweet hit. Serve as cold as possible for a cool Vitamin C hit.

5. Grapefruit

Oooh when was the last time you had a grapefruit? Can’t you just taste that juicy citrusy zesty flavour if you think about it? Grapefruits help shrink your waist, reduce bloating, lower cholesterol, stables blood sugar and help lower your cravings. What are you waiting for? Go grab one NOW!

6. Strawberries

Delicious at the moment and delightfully in season, the ripe red fruit is a treat whatever the weather. Strawberries give you the most vitamin C of all fruits and are packed with anti ageing antioxidants. I love to add mine to salads with a bit of balsamic vinegar. A true delight in summer!

7. Papaya

Have you ever tried papaya with a squeeze of fresh lime juice? A must! Packed with fibre and the digestive enzyme papain, the humble papaya will help improve digestive health along with giving you a hydrating boost.

8. Radishes

I know this might come as a surprise but radishes do really pack a punch in the hydration stakes. These veggies are over 95% water and include loads of antioxidants alongside catechin which is also found in green tea. Radishes add spice and colour to any raw salad bowl.

9. Cantaloupe

About a quarter of a cantaloupe melon provides you with 100% of your vitamin A and C intake for the day! Serve alone with fresh mint or how about freezing it and blending with frozen banana to make your own dairy free, vegan and delicious ice cream?

10. Butternut squash

At 88% water this sweet and nutty vegetable provides yo with over 400% of your daily requirement for Vitamin A. Also containing potassium and manganese. I particularly like butternut quash in an omelette. It really works! Check out the recipe here. 


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