B-Fit Group PT course member Jenny shares her B-Fit journey so far:

“Earlier this year I went to my GP with a persistent cough only to have her tell me that my cough was likely caused by acid reflux from over eating, having a high fat diet and leading an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. I was 12.5 stone, lived on a diet of crisps, chocolate and ready meals and did no exercise at all. I felt embarrassed, fat and miserable. After doing some searches on healthy living, I came across the B-Fit website and decided to contact Gaynor. Following a telephone consultation with her, I then signed up to her group personal training course.

The Group PT course has consisted of an exercise class each week which I have, surprisingly, found really enjoyable. I am extremely unfit but Gaynor gently encouraged and motivated me through the exercises and I always left feeling happier and more energised.

Along with this I have also followed the B-Fit 7 step plan and this has helped me to completely change what I eat. Rather than the disgusting fatty beige food that I used to eat, I now eat a rainbow of fresh nutritious healthy foods. I have more energy, my skin is clearer, my cough has nearly disappeared and I don’t feel so down in the dumps anymore. Friends and family have commented on how well I look and I have lost 10lb in only 5 weeks. My body shape has also changed and I have lost 10cm off my tummy area as well as toning up all over. My clothes fit better and my confidence has had a boost.

Gaynor is really approachable and inspiring and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being.”