I walked up my stairs the other day. Got to the top and thought “How did I actually get here?!” You know, the same thing we have all done while driving, wondering where part of our journey went.

Our brains are incredible when you think about it. It functions without our conscious mind even realising, leading us to be on ;auto-pilot’.

Whilst auto pilot is OK for a short period of time in the car or in your own home whilst you’re thinking about chores, what’s not OK is going through your whole life on auto-pilot.

Are you guilty of any of the following auto-pilot behaviours?

  • Doing the same routine
  • eating the same things
  • following the same weight loss strategy
  • Training the same for years
  • Having the same mental focus (or lack of it)
  • Following the same ‘story’
  • Hanging on the same emotional rollercoaster
  • Following the same attitudes
  • Having the same awareness levels?

Sound like you?

You’re probably on auto-pilot.

Now I need to ask you something REALLY important and I need an honest answer.

Is it working?

Are you confident?
Are you happy with your body shape?

Have you got bundles of energy?

Are yo fit, strong and healthy?

Are you happy and grateful every day?

You are? We;; that’s brilliant. Keep up the good work (you’re obviously a B-Fit client already! ūüėČ )

Seriously¬†though, if you’re not. You can do something about it. Staying in the comfort zone of your auto pilot life won’t change anything for you. It will mean you stay exactly where you are.

It is in our DNA and human survival instincts to keep growing and pressing forward. So it’s time to say goodbye to being on auto-pilot and make a change.

Now, it’s not easy at first and it does require effort. However once you’re in the swing of¬†things, little steps lead to big goals and these little steps become easy and second nature.

The key is consistency. But you knew that already didn’t you?

So, join me. Get out your comfort zone. Drop me an email or a text 07748 298728 and let’s arrange an informal chat together where I can instantly help you take off that auto-pilot and make the smallest changes that will lead to big differences.

I’ve got two places left this week so get in touch asap.

Gaynor x

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