Replacement Foods for Long Term Health Benefits


If you’ve ever trained with me, or seen me at a nutrition seminar, you will know how I really try to get the message across that if you’re looking to lose body fat (and ultimately weight), then nutrition accounts for 80% of your overall goal.

So, 20% is the exercise and other factors like adequate rest and a massive 80% depends on what you put in your mouth and how much of it.

Many of my clients are apprehensive before embarking on a B-Fit journey about the foods they will need to eat to reach their goals. It is important to note that this nutrition plan is NOT a short term goal and one of the greatest joys in this job is teaching women to ENJOY the RIGHT foods for life.

So, when you embark on the B-Fit journey to a new you, what can you expect to eat, and enjoy?

There’s something I like to pull out of my transformation toolbox and is a handy keepsake reminder for clients on making the right food choices. The food replacement table features in my B-Fit 7 Step Plan pack and is a quick reference guide on which foods to eat for optimum health.

For example;

Conventional bread – replace with pumpernickel bread, organic sourdough, German rye bread

Margarine – replace with organic butter, avocado, nut butters, extra virgin olive oil

Conventional box cereal – replace with porridge oats or oatmeal, buckwheat or Quinoa porridge, homemade granola

Sugar – replace with stevia, manuka honey, coconut

These are just a small selection from the food replacement table which is a key part of the B-Fit 7 Step Plan. I also educate my clients on the reasons why they should eliminate things like pasta and conventional bread from their current diet for maximum results.

Want to learn more? For your chance to win a B-Fit personal training or nutrition session with me, Gaynor Stobie simply comment on this post in the comment box below. Let me know, which foods do you struggle to eliminate from your diet? A winner will be selected at random.

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