The recent news of the passing of actress and the famous face of the OXO adverts, Lynda Bellingham, was extremely sad.

I didn’t know her personally, but she’s been on my TV screen for as long as I can remember and her drastic change in appearance over the last year was well documented.

As you will have probably read yourself, Lynda decided to stop her treatment and publicly declared that she wanted to get through Christmas with her husband and two sons and then weigh up her options. Hearing the news that she passed away in her husbands arms, two months before Christmas was a real sad shock. My clients and I spoke about it in our sessions and discussed how we felt so sorry for her and her family.

One resounding thing came from the people I spoke to about Lynda’s very public death…

Life is short.

It really is.

I don’t want to sound down and negative because that’s not me, it’s not who I am. We only get one chance on this planet, at this time. We only get one body to live in and ONLY we control how we think, feel and act. I try my best to choose positivity, happiness and make the steps to ensure my lifestyle is healthy for my overall wellbeing.

Lynda’s sad passing got many clients talking. A client asked me this week if anyone I’d trained had ever said they regretted getting started. I sat there after this session and thought and thought and the honest answer is no. Nobody has ever said that.

What they do say is;

“I wish I’d done this years ago!”

“I’ve known what I needed to do all along, I just made excuses and didn’t do it.”

“I can’t believe how amazing I feel!”

“I feel alive again.”

“Why did this take me so long to start?”

Lynda Bellingham wanted to get to Christmas. Just a mere ten weeks away when she passed. If you haven’t yet seen it, watch Lynda Belingham’s final interview on Loose Women here. Grab a tissue and feel grateful for every breath you take.

Why wait until tomorrow? Why wait until next week? Why wait until after Christmas? Start today. Whatever is it you’re wanting to achieve. Whether it’s sorting out that tax return, resolving a family feud, finally decorating your bedroom or *making a start on achieving your dream body… whatever it is… START TODAY.

*if achieving your dream body is the top of your list, get in touch. I specialise in helping women of all ages to learn to enjoy the right foods for life and teach effective exercise techniques to help you be the very best you.

If you want to start today, get in touch here.

Gaynor x

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