Got chunky thighs? Would you like slim, toned pins? I don’t think I know any woman who wouldn’t!

Before we dive into the 4 tips, I want to give you first a little background, so you understand why some women struggle with larger thighs. It all revolves around the hormone Estrogen.

High levels of this hormone are great for making babies but a nightmare for weight loss. It’s also responsible for the classic female pear shape i.e. slim on top, bigger on the bottom. Men also can have high levels of estrogen. This combined with low testosterone can result in gynecomastia more commonly known as man boobs. Sexy ugh?!

The world’s leading coaches will tell you that stubborn areas of fat are partially dictated by hormones. If you can focus on positively impacting your hormonal balances, then there is a good chance you can encourage these trouble fat areas to disappear.

As you already know, bad dietary choices can inflict damage on your hormonal balance. As this happens, you will experience physical changes, one of which is stubborn fat pockets gathering around your thighs and bum.

The good news is there’s a lot you can do. Certain eating habits lead to poor metabolising of estrogen and excessive levels in the blood. High levels of toxins in your blood are not good because these toxins live in fat cells. If your blood is flooded with toxins, then your body needs body fat to store them. It’s that simple.

If you can neutralise these toxins and detox, then you can instantly begin to encourage your body to shed body fat. The B-Fit 21 Day Weight Loss Plan is perfect for this so make sure you check it out here. It’s a great deep cleanse, and will help you shift excess lumpy fat.

Here’s my 4 other tips …

Tip 1 – Increase Cruciferous Vegetables 

Increase the amount of broccoli, cauliflower and green vegetables you eat. They are loaded with I3C, which is a naturally potent estrogen management agent. These foods will help cleanse the body and liver and in turn manage estrogen more efficiently. Also, consider supplementing with a good greens such as Liquid Chlorophyll.

Tip 2 – Supplement

Start using Liver Health. This will help process estrogen and reduce liver toxicity. Adding a multi vitamin and additional Vitamin C will also help further combat free radicals.

Tip 3 – Increase Healthy Fats

Fat helps the body produce testosterone and while you might think only men need it you are wrong. Any female in amazing shape will have healthy natural testosterone levels. By introducing more healthy fats, you can improve your estrogen to testosterone ratio. This will immediately help reduce body fat in those trouble areas. My favourites are raw coconut oil and Super Omega 3.

Tip 4 – Reduce Alcohol

On a weekend, I love a cheeky glass, who doesn’t? But alcohol is going to exacerbate your estrogen related fat storage issues. If your liver isn’t efficient and you have a lot of toxins floating around then dumping a load of alcohol in will add to the problems. Just exercise some moderation. If you are serious about this, then you are going to have to compromise. If you can’t, then forget it!

Now I’d like to hear from you. Do you struggle with losing fat from your thighs and bum? Any tips you’d like to tell me about?

Ping me back an email to I’d love to hear.

As always, please share this post with anyone you know needs help.

Love Gaynor x

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