This weekend had been one of lots of plans of some self care for me. Meditation was on the cards, maybe a long bath, bit of exercise and then plans to do some batch cooking for the week ahead.

But you know how it is (especially if you are a parent!). Swimming lessons, piano lessons, 3 different parties (for three different people in three different places at similar times), unexpected long phone conversations with old friends, visits from family and before you know it the weekend is almost over and everything I had planned went out of the window.

I know I didn’t eat enough and time ran away with me and I definitely didn’t drink enough water. It was definitely an unplanned off day!

We all get these days. Life gets in the way sometimes. It happens. But what you must not do is let it define the whole weekend and use it as an excuse to eat junk, think “sod it” and go off course.

The key to these unplanned off days is to just accept them and know in your own mind that they happen. Try and jump back into it as soon as you can.

Try not to dwell on your off days and the mistakes. Instead focus on the good and the positives as much as possible. Positive reinforcement of your successes is a behaviour development that will become habit the more you practice it. The more you practice it, the more confidence you will instil in yourself.

Identifying mistakes, challenges and off days and then quickly moving on is a skill you must adopt in order for health and happiness. We are human, we are not perfect. So don’t dwell on the mistakes, don’t shout about them on Facebook, and don’t talk to yourself in a negative way.

Instead what you need to do is really focus on the positive. Take a minute before you head to bed and write down all your successes and achievements to date. Focus on how far you have come, what you have done to date and all the things you are proud of. If you don’t shout about your achievements, who will?

My exercise of the week videos that I send with the B-Fit newsletter each week are a good idea to do before bed on these type of days, because you feel like you’ve actually done something and the day has not gone to waste. You can even combine a few videos for a longer workout. But again, it’s OK to just want to relax and not worry about it, picking up tomorrow.

It’s hard when these unplanned off days happen, and it’s even harder to get over them. So arm yourself with a strategy when these days happen, dust them off and pick it all up tomorrow.

If you’re looking to have more “on” than off days and need some specific help with nutrition, exercise and setting goals then get in touch. I offer a free informal and friendly consultation to discuss how to stay ‘on track’ with your goals. Text me to arrange a chat 07748 298728.

Gaynor x

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