So you’ve worked your backside off getting into that perfect beachwear, your case is packed, your passport in hand. It’s time to jet off and relax in the sun for a week or two.

But, let me ask you this. Do you return feeling fat, bloated and lethargic? Like you need another holiday just to recover?

If you answer yes to the above let me ask you another question.


You’ve spent weeks making the right choices that have led to a healthy and happy body. You look amazing, you feel amazing, everyone tells you you’re amazing. So why do we sabotage all of that hard work and effort with the temptations and setbacks that a holiday in the sun will bring?

You may remember my holiday diary from the last break I went on. (Read all about it here if you missed it). Well apologies for the absence of blog posts and newsletters, I’ve been away again! This time I was in Lanzarote with my family for three weeks. Determined and driven by my last holiday and how good it felt to follow my B-Fit plan whilst I was away, I was determined to do the same again.

Last time, many people quizzed me on my diary and how my holiday habits were inspirational/crazy/great etc. All I can say is that it is You who makes every decision in your life when it comes to what you put in your mouth. You have that choice and it is that choice that will determine your overall goals.

So, due to popular request, here is a snapshot of my average day on holiday. I feel it is vitally important that I eat well and exercise otherwise I would’ve felt terrible at the end of the holiday;

7:30am: up whilst it is still cool and kids still asleep

Drink my B-Fit holiday cocktail which comprises of Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll, a glug of Zambrosa, aloe vera juice and coconut water.   (The best way to start my day!)

Eat a large  handful of almonds, goji berries and brazil nuts for my protein fix.

7:45am: Do 15- 20 mins of anti-ageing yoga on the balcony

8:00am: Go for a 20 min run or swim

8:20am: Do 20 mins of B-Fit style weights or interval training

8:45am:  Shower then  have breakfast with my family. I usually start with green tea, and eat sliced pink grapefruit and water melon followed by  scrambled eggs, tomatoes and spinach on rye bread

From 10:00am: We usually have a lazy morning reading, sunbathing and playing with my girls. I ensure that I drink lots of water, especially as it gets hotter.

1pm: We eat out in the shade at our favourite tapas restaurant overlooking the Atlantic. I choose my favourite tapas; padron peppers, setas (wild mushrooms) grilled local fish (viaje) with a large salad and washed down with peppermint tea. We love to have long lazy lunches and really take our time over our food when we are on holiday.

3:30pm to 6pm: After lunch has settled we hit the beach and play bat and ball with the girls, go boogie boarding or just jump in the waves and playing in the sea. I also try and get some more sunbathing in and reading, plus of course lots of water to keep me hydrated in the heat.

7.00pm: Dinner in. My husband Craig is a real maestro in the kitchen and whips up something healthy and nutritious. Tonight it is roast chicken (from the local supermarket) hummus, green salad with avacado, beetroot, peppers onions tomatoes and lots of olive oil. I treat myself to a *glass of Lanzarote organic wine.

8:00pm: Watch a DVD with the family or go and see a show at a local hotel.

11:00pm: Bed, ready for a new day.

*I made the decision to not drink every day and if I did have wine, it was once the sun went down and not too much!

To sum up

Whether you’re self catering or on an all inclusive hotel there are always healthy options to be had that will keep you on track. Try to avoid things like ice creams and daytime drinking which will just raise your blood sugar levels, increase cravings and alter all of your hard work. Stick to fresh meats and fish dishes, without the sauce where possible and avoid bread and pasta if you want to beat the bikini bloat.

Want to know how to stock a fridge when you’re self catering? Click here for my holiday fridge!

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