Well, isn’t this shaping up to be our best summer yet?!

The glorious weather means we are wearing less clothes and more of our bodies are on show. But are you happy with what is on display? Or are you looking to do something about it whilst the weather still looks set to continue?

Fret not! As a health and wellness professional, qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, I’ve condensed my top tips for fat loss this summer right here for you;

1. Water water everywhere… and lots of drops to drink!

We all know the power of water when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Dehydration leaves you feeling sapped of energy, lethargic and has you snacking unnecessarily. Did you know? When you feel hungry it could actually be thirst! So make sure you reach for that water.

This summer’s water tip is to simply increase your water intake to 2.5 litres a day. You will feel and notice such a difference. Bloating will reduce in your stomach area if you are flushing out toxins by drinking enough water. I highly recommend adding liquid chlorophyll into the mix too for an extra kick of toxin shedding magic!

Not drinking enough water will slow your fat loss so come on! You can up it!

2. Work it baby! And are you working it hard enough?
Whether you’re working out with me one to one, in a group or at home using one of the B-Fit B-Fabulous, ask yourself whether you are actually working as hard as you possibly can in your sessions?

  • Are you getting the most out of every minute?
  • Could you push it further (with my help and expertise of course, sensibly and within your limits)
  • Could you do a bit before bed?
  • Could you wake up earlier and have a ‘golden hour’ and maybe incorporate the Five Rites exercises?

That extra bit could be the difference between size 12 and 14. Uping your intensity, with the correct program as advised by B-Fit, will ensure that you will see a big change in just a few weeks.

3. Protein is fat busting power! Especially at breakfast…

You know my thoughts and views on getting adequate protein in your diet, but did you know that eating a breakfast full of protein is the very best way to kick start that metabolism and burn the fat!

Quite simply, eating more protein at breakfast time (and throughout the day) will change the way your whole body deals with the issue of storing and using its fat stores.

Try it for one week. Eat a high protein breakfast every day and watch how your energy levels soar. Within days you will be burning more fat! 

4. Increase the frequency

With the lighter nights and brighter mornings, be honest with yourself. Could you increase the frequency of your workouts? Instead of 3 a week, could you up it to 4? Maybe an extra one at the weekend whilst we’re having this gorgeous weather? Going from 3 to 4 workouts can increase your results by up to 40%! That’s amazing food for thought.

Here is the question…

Could you increase your training by one session a week to see a 40% increase on your results? Could you?

Most people could and would.

And they’re my secrets to fat loss this summer.

If you’re looking for a helping hand in kick starting your fat loss, join in the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Program. Guaranteed to drop a dress size or lose 7-14lb in 21 days this program is my foolproof plan to looking and feeling amazing this summer. Read all about Lesley’s success on the 21 Day Plan here.

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