Why should you choose B-FIT personal training?

reasons to choose to B-FIT

What can B-FIT personal training Offer You?

Your expert personal trainer will constantly advise, encourage,and motivate you, monitor your progress, update your programmes and ensure you are focusing on the right exercises whilst making your sessions fun. Your Personal trainer will 'gently' push you to the next level-using specialist knowledge based on scientific research and mixing theory with practice to achieve the results you want.

B-FIT will provide you with effective, time efficient exercise programmes and practical lifestyle and nutrition advice to help you achieve your goals and get you maximum results that you can feel and see in the minimum time.

Privacy, convenience and a relaxed atmosphere

Your personal trainer will provide training sessions to fit into your busy lifestyle at times to suit you. Sessions can take place in either the privacy of your own home, your place of work, a private gym, studio or the great outdoors in the park or even on the beach - so no more excuses!

Your personal trainer will...

  • Help you look better : Lose weight, reduce body fat, improve muscle tone.
  • Help you feel better : Improve your self image, confidence and sense of well being.
  • Help you live better : Improve your energy levels, increase vitality and reduce your stress levels.

B-FIT will help you make your new healthy lifestyle a habit that you love!

Your whole life will benefit from your new fitness programme, nutrition advice & lifestyle changes.

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What type of equipment and exercises will we be using?

Depending on you goals and requirements, we will use a variety of equipment and exercise types to keep you motivated and give you the results you want. For example...