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I am married with two children and work full time. I joined B-Fit when my weight had got to such a point that I didn't know what to do. I had lost my confidence and my sense of who I was. My weight had ballooned since having the children and I had done most of the diets over the years, all with initial positive results but none of them really changing my approach to food or my fitness levels. Since starting B-Fit , I have lost over 4 stone and dropped 4 sizes. I feel more confident, have lowered my blood pressure, am able to be active with my family and am feeling more feminine I have enjoyed following B-Fit’s healthy eating principles and really enjoy the fitness sessions which has surprised me! I am really looking forward to achieving my next set of goals.

Clare Watson- Formby



“My best hopes for my B-Fit course with Gaynor was to feel like me again, I wanted to have energy, to be able to run again, to lose weight, feel toned and to fit into the size 12 leather jeans!” “So here I am, 3 stone in weight lighter, full of energy, feeling like me (actually better than that, a new me!) and yes I feel great in those leather jeans, and have got my confidence back!”

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I have been training with Gaynor for four months. For me it was a huge step! I was overweight, unhealthy, lacking in confidence and recovering from anxiety issues. But now I have dropped two dress sizes and lost 14 cm off my tummy! I am one and half stone lighter, more toned, eating healthy and nutritious food and enjoying exercising. I go out more, my confidence has returned, and my outlook on life has changed. I have learned so much from Gaynor- it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Internationally acclaimed soprano singer Rachael Russell started on a B-Fit Guilt Free Christmas program at the end of October 2015. She wanted to feel fit and fabulous for a Christmas concert she was performing at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

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Adele Smashes Survival of the Fittest

I started my B-Fit journey to feel happier and healthier. Despite a tough work period with long hours I stuck with my B-Fit nutritional plan and my PT sessions with my goal of completing the Survival of the Fittest (a 10 km course with obstacles!). And I did this last Saturday. I Ran the whole way, tackled every obstacle and enjoyed it! Before B-Fit I was fed up, eating quick convenience food, doing exercise that made no difference, was tired and my sleep was poor. Now I feel healthier, brighter and fitter! Someone even told me today that ‘I was glowing’!

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Lynn feels like a new woman !



Niki is beach body ready

“The reason I went to B-Fit was that I wanted to feel better in myself. I was feeling tired and sluggish and wanted to get fitter and trimmer especially around my middle! Having just done the B-Fit 21 day plan I feel so much healthier and fitter and my shape has definitely changed for the better! Ive lost 10cm off my tummy! The best thing about the course was becoming more knowledgeable about what sort of things to eat and it gave me the push I needed to start enjoying regular exercise. I now feel much better and happier in myself.”

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Janice Russell , Formby



Alison loses inches in all the right places

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Judith has more energy and is sleeping better

In my late fifties, recently retired, overweight and relatively unfit, Gaynor is a true professional, and such a motivator! The nutritional advice has transformed the way I eat, and I now have much more energy and am sleeping better than I have done for years! The group exercises have made a real difference to my shape and my fitness. Thanks, Gaynor for helping me back to a much healthier lifestyle - I would have no hesitation in recommending you!

Dr Judith Welch ( retired GP , Hightown)


Although I was anxious about using a personal trainer, I knew I needed some extra motivation if I was going to get my shape back. Sam before and afterGaynor at B-fit was a revelation, tailoring a nutrition and exercise program specifically for me.Although it was hard going at first I quickly found myself feeling stronger and looking better. My weight gradually decreased, my body toned up and completely changed shape, my skin improved...Read more on the B-Fit Blog


I started the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan at the beginning of June and took to it well as I had already been following Gaynor’s 7 Step Plan which guides and coaches you to eat clean, whole foods and cut out processed foods and things like gluten and dairy...Read more on the B-Fit Blog


Following on from my success with Gaynor’s B-Fit B-Fabulous 7 step plan, I signed up to her 21 day B-Fit B-Fabulous weight loss/detox program. The program has consisted of set meal plans to follow for 3 weeks (plus a bonus week) alongside some organic supplements and an exercise plan, weekly exercise videos and online nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions.

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I was a regular runner but I had lost my exercise mojo! I had tried gym’s but always went back to running as they bored me – and I still didn’t achieve my weight loss goals. I hadn’t been eating properly for the last ten years, living off diet coke and coffee, continually calorie counting and constantly feeling low and tired and seemingly always catching colds and feeling generally unhealthy, even with the running! ... Read more on the B-Fit Blog


Caroline drops a dress size!

I’ve been training with Gaynor now for 3 months and have completely changed the way I think about food and exercise. I have always run to keep fit but in the last couple of years the weight has piled on, especially around the middle, and my running has got slower and slower.... read more on my blog

Gemma RayThree years after having my son and the excuse of “i’ve had a baby” was starting to wear thin. Juggling a demanding career with family life had left me feeling stressed, surviving on a diet of sugar laden snacks and takeaways and tipping the scales at almost 12 stone. I was fat, I was fed up and I was frustrated. I desperately wanted to feel like “me” again and met Gaynor from B-Fit. Gaynor set me an initial three week challenge, to kick start ‘Mission Me’. using a mix of personal training, nutrition education, organic dietary supplements, and a home exercise programme tailored to me . I followed Gaynor’s fool proof 7-step B-Fit B-Fabulous plan with ease AND enthusiasm! The results were quick and dramatic.Within a week I felt like the 'fog' that has harboured my brain for so long had lifted and work was less stressful, my usual hectic family life became more relaxed and enjoyable. Within two weeks my stomach and love handles had shrunk dramatically and by week 3, I just felt like a new person. I am now 7 weeks on from that first day and my eating habits have changed for good and for the better. I sleep better, my skin is better, I am not bloated, I don't feel as stressed and the main thing - I LOOK amazing! Seriously, the compliments are overwhelming. I’ve lost over a stone and a dress size but I've gained so much more. I’ve finally discovered that inner health, radiance and vitality I've been so desperate to find all these years. Gaynor, I cannot thank you enough. Your support every step of the way and empathetic understanding and guidance has been invaluable. THANK YOU!

Gemma Ray , Maghull

Margot WalkerHaving never had to exercise I suddenly realized at the age of 53 and having enjoyed numerous cruises that my weight had started to creep up on me. I had no ambition to join a gym or spend hours jogging and knew I needed someone to help motivate me and I certainly have found that person in Gaynor. I have been attending a personal session with her for about 16 months and my goal was to drop a dress size which not only have I managed to do successfully but maintaining this has been made so much easier having followed her nutrition advice. Friends have commented not only on my weight loss but the fact of how well I look which certainly gives you great encouragement. I never get bored with her exercises as they are so varied and you always manage to fun at the sessions. I have also attended some of her boot camps which I can highly recommend. Gaynor is supportive motivational and always willing to go that extra mile for her clients.

Margot Walker

My goal was to loose weight and feel healthier and happier in myself. I achieved my goal in 6weeks, I continue to see Gaynor 18months later the sessions are enjoyable and I have gone from a size12/14 to a comfortable size 10 and feel great. I haven't been this size since age 14. I have recommeded her to all my friends !

Dr Deborah Allen , GP, Hightown

Carol Hopwood

Earlier this year, I finally bit the bullet and decided that a concerted effort would be made to get myself fit again.  I had been a keen sportswoman in my earlier years, but over the years like many others, life got in the way and keeping fit became secondary to looking after my children and running my business.  A chance meeting with a friend who was looking fabulous (Yes, Gill Woods thats you!) led to an introduction to Gaynor Stobie at B-Fit. 

A lifestyle questionnaire was duly completed and it was official I had become a slob.  However, with Gaynors support, education and motivation, so began the journey back to fitness.  Those first few sessions were  tough but it has been so worth it. Following Gaynors nutritional education and advice which was an eye opener, coupled with a personal PT session with her each week was all it needed to kick start me back to healthy living.  So here I am 8 months later but with 3 1/2 stone less of me.  I wish I had stopped making excuses and found the time to do this a long time ago.  Ive got the exercise bug back and have been properly educated on healthy living that has benefited the whole family. Nothing fits me anymore...but in a good way! Shops here I come.

Carol Hopwood, Director at Goodmans Solicitors, L22

I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help,support and advice. Without you I would be over weight unhealthy n feeling very low. Now I jump out of bed early morning looking forward to what the day will bring. I am happier, much healthier n thinner too which makes me feel great!!

Thank you Gaynor. I know this is only the start to a brilliant journey of changing my life with exercise n eating the right food. Bootcamps are fun, hard, brilliantfor fat burning and very beneficial. Most all of all they are fun. I am looking forward to August to drop another dress size. Thankyou also introducing me to the detox program too- it really does work- my skin, hair and me feel great.
Ruth Williams

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your encouragement and support in my effort to get back in to the world of exercise! After so many years of inactivity I never thought I'd get the bug again. The last boot camp was really fun and inspiring, and you were right - I don't have worry about other people's fitness levels, I could just take it in my own stride.

I've loved the 'time-out' for me and the sense of accomplishment once I finish a session! Can't wait for the next boot camp to start. Thanks again Gaynor for giving me the kick-start I needed! And for anyone out there wondering whether to take the leap - just do it! Couldn't recommend it more!

Madeleine Fletcher


Following the birth of my second child in July 2011, I really wanted to improve my general level of fitness as well as boost my health and well-being. I remembered how, after having my first child, I had permanently felt run down and devoid of energy, especially once I went back to work, so I was determined to change that this time around.

I started with BFit in September 2011 participating in both personal training sessions as well as an evening boot camp. Gaynor set realistic goals upfront and constantly reminded me of these during each workout, using them to motivate me as the sessions got harder. She designed phased fitness programs tailored to the areas I particularly wanted to target and continued to push me to improve. She also introduced me to new ideas in nutrition.

16 weeks later I have lost 23lbs and 16cm off my abs which meant I could fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans (one of my personal goals). However, the real benefit has been how I feel in general. I have so much more energy now and feel happy and healthy (even when the baby has been up all night teething) and I can now spend quality time with my children without constantly feeling tired all the time. I have really enjoyed my training sessions with Gaynor, she is a very approachable and friendly person and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve similar results.

Emma Quirk, Hightown L38

The boot camp at B-Fit was hard work, but well worth the time, money and effort- Gaynor made each session fun, and the exercises, together with the nutritional advice, really made a difference to my shape in a relatively short time. Although we exercised in a group, there was always time for individual advice from Gaynor with the result that I am now much more confident about exercising and eating properly. I would recommend Gaynor and B-Fit to others who are relatively new to exercise, like me, without hesitation.

Sharon Bourne

Gaynor is a motivational machine! An immensely positive person to work with. A champion of health and fitness and a true legend in the fitness world. Gaynor is the ultimate professional .She is friendly and easy to talk to but more importantly she knows what she is talking about. There are few trainers I would rate as highly as Gaynor.

Paul Cochrane , Blundellsands, L23

Following the birth of my second child I quickly realised the extra pregnancy weight was not going to drop off like it does for celebrity mums, Gaynor was recommended to me by a friend and I have been absolutely delighted with the results. Since January 2011 I have lost 14lb and 9 cm off my waist through exercise and healthy food choices, without ' dieting'.

The weight loss and inch loss has been steady and with Gaynor's continued support I am confident that this will continue. The weekly group training sessions with Gaynor have kept me motivated plus regular e-mails with delicious recipes also help so you do not get bored with your food. If you are looking for ongoing support, motivation and guaranteed results I cannot recommend Gaynor enough - Thanks Gaynor!

Cathy Whelan, Crosby , L23

I started a course with Gaynor in April 2010, having not done any proper exercise for many years (and it was always a chore!!),  so I was quite apprehensive, but keen to see how I'd get on.

Well, Gaynor has changed my life ..... and my body shape!!  I've sensibly lost weight, purely through the diet and nutrition advice from Gaynor - I'm not on any form of diet, just a completely different approach to what I eat..... and I've never felt better!!!!

I actually look forward to my sessions - Gaynor motivates me and has made it an enjoyable process!!! All my wobbly bits have become toned, I have lost a stone in weight..... and it's now a pleasure trying clothes on!!!
I can't thank Gaynor enough for what's she's done for me and highly recommend her!!! 

Jill Woods, Hightown L38.

I was first introduced to Gaynor in February after moaning to a friend of mine that I could not shift my stubborn flabby waistline after my 3rd baby. I felt constantly tired and found any form of exercise a real chore.

After an initial consultation, lifestyle analysis and nutrition review ,Gaynor helped me set realistic and attainable goals on a monthly basis that I could fit around my busy family life style.

I have really enjoyed Gaynor’s professional and fun approach to exercise and with a programme tailored to me, to include an array of exercises that I actually enjoy and even a music CD with all my favourite tunes to motivate me , I have made huge progress.

Over the last 8 weeks, without any dieting or spending hours in the gym, I have dropped 2 dress sizes, lost 3 inches from my waist and my weight has dropped by 10 lbs. My core strength and fitness have increased significantly and it has given me the confidence to start running. Next year my aim is to take part in a 10k race for charity.

Gaynor has always been reliable, enthusiastic and well prepared for our sessions and I now enjoy exercise and have incorporated it into my every day life. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I will be training with her for a long time to come!

Amanda, ( mum of 3), Formby

I've progressed more in 12 weeks with B-Fit than I have in 3 years on my own at my local gym. I feel like a different person and am amazed at the results. I've lost 18 lb, feel really toned and so much stronger.

Gaynor doesn't just improve your fitness, she sorts out your lifestyle! She always motivates me and uses her knowledge and skill to push me to the next level. I couldn't have done it without her!

I am a financial advisor and this has been one of the best investments I have ever made!

Mr Marlow, Blundellsands, L23

I highly recommend Gaynor as a "professional fitness guru". She has transformed the life of my 16 year old daughter.

In a relaxed, friendly,one to one enviroment she has:

  • improved my daughter's overall health & fitness with her expert techniques and practical nutritional advise ,without calorie counting or dieting.
  • improved her mental and physical strength, along with her vitality & energy levels.
  • drastically changed/improved her body shape, losing inches and a stone and a half in 12 weeks!
  • massively improved her confidence, the way she looks and her posture.

My daughter really looks forward to her weekly training sessions with Gaynor and has gained lots of invaluable health and fitness ideas, that will benefit her for the rest of her life.

Nikki, Blundellsands, Liverpool, L23

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