Following on from my success with Gaynor’s B-Fit B-Fabulous 7 step plan, I signed up to her 21 day B-Fit B-Fabulous weight loss/detox program. The program has consisted of  set meal plans to follow for 3 weeks (plus a bonus week) alongside some organic supplements and an exercise plan, weekly exercise videos and online nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions.

At first I found the meal plan a little overwhelming as there were foods I hadn’t even heard of let alone knew how to cook but Gaynor had broken down all the meals into easy to follow recipes and there is also the help and support of the B-Fit B-Fabulous Facebook group to answer any questions. I went from regularly grabbing dinner from the McDonalds drive through or throwing a ready meal in the microwave to being able to cook these recipes- so, if I can do it, anyone can!

Gaynor also sends you emails with exercise videos to watch and follow each week, these get progressively more difficult as you become fitter and you feel your body getting stronger. The exercise is great as it does not take long at all (aprox 20 minutes) and is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

As I followed the detox, I found that I had more energy and my cravings for chocolate and sugar gradually decreased, my stomach also felt much flatter and less bloated. At the end of the detox I was delighted to find that I had dropped a dress size and my body had toned up all over. One of my goals, whe I first met Gaynor, was to be able to attend my friends wedding without feeling fat or embarrassed. The wedding was on Saturday, I wore a size 12 dress that fitted perfectly and I actually felt pretty for the first time in a long time :-)!

The 21 day detox plan  is perfect for anyone wanting to drop a dress size in time for a wedding or special event, not only that but it sets you up on the right path towards a healthier way of living and eating for the rest of your life.

Jenny x

jennys updated pic after 21 day detox aug 14