I’m so proud of Adele. She has had a mental time at work, working long hours but still managed to fit in my 7 step plan, eat delicious and nutritious foods on plan, fit in some sessions with myself and B-Fit’s new personal trainer Kirk. The result? She completed a really gruelling obstacle course called ‘Survival of the Fittest’ with no problem at all!

Here’s what she had to say about her B-Fit journey:

“I started my B-Fit journey to feel happier and healthier. Despite a tough work period with long hours I  stuck with my B-Fit nutritional plan and my PT sessions with my goal of completing the  Survival of the Fittest (a 10 km course with obstacles!). And I did this last Saturday. I Ran the whole way, tackled every obstacle and enjoyed it!

Before B-Fit I was fed up, eating quick convenience food, doing exercise that made no difference, was tired and  my sleep was poor. Now I feel healthier, brighter and fitter! Someone even told me today that ‘I was glowing’!”

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Adele is proof that you CAN make time. We all get the same 84,000 seconds in a day. It’s how you spend them that will really make the difference to achieving your goals.

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