…who thinks this same way.

A typical conversation had by many people in my profession goes something like this

Client: “I REALLY want to lose weight”
Professional: “Great! Have you tried to lose weight before?”
Client: “Yes, so many times! Nothing works!”
Professional: “What have you tried before?”
Client: “X diet, Y diet, juicing, pills, etc etc”
Professional: “Tell me a little bit about the results you got”
Client: “Well I did it for two weeks and lost weight”
Professional: “What happened after two weeks?”
Client: “I went back to eating normally and put all the weight back on”

Does this sound familiar? Because I know I hear it all the time. And I also hear people say that “this diet worked” and “that diet worked” but forgive me for the harsh words I’m about to say… they didn’t did they? Usually when I say this I get people defending said diet and insisting it worked.

But let’s get honest and straight talking here. What we need to address is the definition of what ‘works’.

Many people out there want to feel good, they want more confidence, more energy, to sleep better, feel happier, feel proud of their achievements, feel fit and attractive, want to achieve short and long term goals, and one of the biggies… they want to be around for their children and grandchildren for a long time.

So let me ask you this. Did your short term diet achieve any of these things above?


You lost a bit of weight over a couple of weeks but the bigger boxes were not ticked at all. Losing a bit of weight and then putting it all back on is not the definition of something working.

Continuing to do this to your body results in your metabolism slowing down (making it so much harder next time). It is also a horrible journey psychologically. You feel elated at your short term weight loss but then come mentally crashing down when you put the weight back on. That feeling of failure is not nice and often creates a downward spiral of falling into even worse habits as the feelings of helplessness takes over.

So, for those of you currently on a ‘diet’ let me ask you. Do you feel different? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel happier? Do you look in the mirror and grin back at what you see? Do you feel proud of what you have achieved so far? Do you have more energy?

If the answer to ANY of those above is “no” then it is time to make changes. Because diets don’t work. They are never a long term plan.

I teach my clients the long term plan for health and wellbeing. We work on long term progression for long term results. We work on being consistent, learning how to enjoy the RIGHT foods for life, changing our mindset, carving out ‘me time’ to really care for yourself, changing your lifestyle and we create a trust and rapport that keeps you accountable and on track. I’m there to hold hands every step of the way and show you how to jump over those hurdles with ease. I love empowering women and giving them the room to create confidence that propels them to succeed.

That is what I do.

And do you know what? It really works.

Want to find out more? I’ve got the room for two free confidential B-Fit chats this week where we have a friendly and informal discussion about you, and how to get the best out of you. You might decide to choose me for the ride, or you might just walk away from our session feeling motivated to make those long term commitments and changes. Either way, you have nothing to lose. Drop me a text and arrange your session today – 07748 298 728.

Gaynor x



This is so simple, even your pet dog could do it!

High in anti inflammatory and Omega 3, this chia seed pudding is a make ahead recipe that will save you lots of time and leave you feeling full and satisfied. It tastes amazing too!

This recipe includes 1/4 cup of diced mango and pumpkin seeds, but feel free to top the pudding with your favourite fruit and nuts.

Chia Pudding Recipe


1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup light or full-fat coconut milk, depending on preference
1/2 tablespoon organic honey


  1. Mix chia seeds, coconut milk, and honey together in a small bowl or glass mason jar. Let it set in refrigerator overnight.
  2. Remove it from the fridge, and make sure your pudding looks thick and the chia seeds have gelled. Top with fresh fruit and nuts, and enjoy immediately.


dont-trust-the-scale-trust-your-jeans-quote-1They say that you shouldn’t go off the scales when it comes to body transformation and measuring progress. I’d most definitely have to agree with that and once again will hammer the point home that muscle is much more dense than fat, weighing more. It therefore takes up less space in the body. As this photo demonstrates perfectly…

photo1So, with this in mind I’d like you to do something this week which I really feel will aid you in your quest for a new, healthy body and lifestyle.

Do you have an item of clothing that no longer fits that you have held onto? That one item that takes you back to a time when you felt happy with your body and super sexy and confident in this item of clothing. You do? Great. Now go and dig it out.

6304476This will be your best visualisation tool as you embark on your journey to a healthier and fitter you. Just like Ruth concentrated on her black leather trousers, you too will concentrate on the feeling once you are able to wear this item of clothing again with confidence.

Now what?

Put that item of clothing somewhere prominent where you will see it. (Some clients hang it up on a picture in their bedroom, over the wardrobe or on the back of the door).


Every day, just glance at it, close your eyes and remember that feeling of how you felt when you wore that outfit comfortably.  Now when you are making nutrition choices and when you are trying to motivate yourself to exercise, head back to that item of clothing, close your eyes and remember that feeling.

Try this for just one week and see how powerful it is. You will be amazed at how motivating and inspiring it is to associate an old item of clothing with an old feeling. You won’t want to reach for the biscuits or slob on the couch, I promise you!

You can also use the item of clothing to measure your progress. I like a pair of trousers or jeans for this. Regularly try them on and try to button them up. Do this at the same time, on the same day every few weeks and see the progress for yourself in the mirror.



I have featured Ruth here before and talked about her goal to get into the size 12 leather trousers.

I hope you’ll share my joy at Ruth achieving her goal.

Here’s her updated testimonial.

“So tell me what you want, what you really, really want”

Well Gaynor didn’t sing it , but that was one of her first questions to me!

So my best hopes for my B-Fit course with Gaynor? To feel like me again , to have energy, to be able to run again, to lose weight , feel toned and to fit into those size 12 leather jeans.

So here I am 10 months later, toned, 3 stone in weight lighter, full of energy, feeling like me (actually, better than that, a new me!) and yes, I feel great in those  leather jeans and have got my confidence back!


How? I eat so well now – no dieting, just great food. Exercise – yes,
regular high intensity, weights sessions at least three times a week , I’m back running and I will be able to do a 10 k this year and so important-good sleep and relaxation time.

Thanks Gaynor, my best hopes have happened (and more). Life’s good! X”

ruth dark montage
Ruth before and after



The sun is shining, we are pretending it is Summer already here at B-Fit so why not try this delicious strawberry salad?

Yes, I just said STRAWBERRY and salad in the same sentence. It goes so well and will revolutionise the salads you eat!


  • 7 -10 cups fresh Baby Spinach (washed, dried and stems removed, or use as much as desired)
  • 5 cups sliced organic fresh strawberries
  • 1⁄4cup toasted sliced almonds
  • 1⁄2cup crumbled organic feta cheese


  • 1⁄2cup organic hemp oil
  • 1⁄4cup balsamic vinegar (or use raspberry wine vinegar or white wine vinegar)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 pinch  paprika
  • 1 -2 tablespoon  poppy seeds (optional)


  1. In a large bowl toss the spinach with the strawberries and toasted almonds.
  2. In another small bowl whisk together all dressing ingredients, then pour over the spinach; toss to combine.
  3. Sprinkle the feta over the top of salad.
  4. Serve immediately.


Screen-Shot-2014-12-02-at-8.36.22-PMSo, if you’ve had my newsletter you will have read that the recent influx of sunshine has left some women panicked!

Firstly, it is a shame that this is the case because we all know that the sun makes us feel good.

Secondly, it is only April and there is still plenty of time to make dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle for the good of your health and to get you on your way to achieving that summer body!

So, what can you do NOW to help ensure fat loss in time for Summer?

1) Drink more water


With the temperatures rising, it is important to ensure you are well hydrated. You should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres of fresh drinking water per day for optimum health and wellbeing. Drinking water not only helps vital organs carry out their necessary functions but it flushes out toxins too. A lot of the time we have cravings and hunger pangs is actually because we are dehydrated. Drinking enough water each day will also stop you overeating.

2) Sleep!


Yes, that’s right sleep. Sleeping and resting allows our bodies to repair and recover. When women don’t get enough sleep, the hormone cortisol causes us many pesky problems. Not enough sleep, coupled with stress, causes cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol is the ‘stress hormone’ and is secreted during the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response to stress. Higher levels of cortisol lead to increased abdominal fat which is associated with a variety of other health problems in the body. So, get the recommended eight hours of sleep, try not to stress and your cortisol levels will reduce.

3) Incorporate weight training into your exercise plan

1103-lifting-artDon’t just rely on cardio to keep that body fat away. Participating in cardio based exercise burns fat for up to 12 hours afterwards. If you incorporate resistance training into your plan, your body burns fat for up to 72 hours afterwards as it works on repairing the muscles following training. Want to know more about why women should do weights? Read my recent blog post here.

4) Eat a rainbow

Edible RainbowAll of my clients, whether one to one or part of my Group Personal Training course benefit from my nutritional training too. I have seven key principles which I get my clients to follow. One of the easiest to remember, which is why I’m sharing it here, is to ‘eat a rainbow’. Now I don’t mean trying to find something coming from a cloud and opening your mouth, hoping for the best. I’m talking about a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables (organic where possible). We are told to get our ‘five a day’ for essential health but why stop at five? In Japan, the recommended number of fresh fruit and vegetable portions is 17! Make sure you give your body essential vitamins, nutrients and micronutrients with a varied healthy diet.

5) Give it three weeks

bfitbfab book cover copy 2Just three weeks, or 21 days. That’s all you would need to give me in order to show you all the secrets to successful fat loss. My B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan is a fat busting detox that GUARANTEES a 8-14lb weight loss or you drop a dress size in 21 days. But don’t let me tell you about it, see the results for yourself. I have many clients who have successfully completed the plan with incredible results. That summer body doesn’t have to feel so far away!



Gemma completed the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

Others who have had fantastic success with the plan:


This case based bread is simply delicious and easy to make. Go on, reward yourself. You deserve it.


1 cup cashew butter (about 170g)
5 large organic eggs
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon honey (add a bit more if you are going for a sweeter bread!)
¾ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon Celtic or Himalayan sea salt




1) Pre-heat oven to 180 (gas mark 4 or 350 farenheit.)

2) In a food processor, pulse together cashew butter and eggs until very smooth.

3) Pulse in apple cider vinegar and honey.

4) Pulse in baking soda and salt.

5) Transfer batter to an 8 x 4 inch (or 20cmx10cm) baking dish.

6) Bake at 180 Celsius (gas mark 4) for 45 minutes.

7) Cool for 2 hours and enjoy!



Change Your Mindset – Set Some Goals!



“You are what you think”

Change your thinking and change your body! A powerful part of working on your weight loss is a simple mindset task, that as cliché as it may be, is goal setting!

We all know it, but don’t always apply the knowledge and that is to achieve anything worthwhile in life you need to set a goal and go for it!

Goal setting is a huge part of my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 day Weight Loss plan, setting you up for a flying start for longer-term results.

Setting Goals Task

For this you will need to set your short (4 weeks) & mid-term (12 weeks) goals

Rule No.1 for goal setting: You need to be SMART!







An example of a SMART short-term goal statement might be:

“It is now 2nd May 2015, bank holiday weekend! I have a lovely weekend of socialising planned and I look and feel amazing in my summery outfit. I feel so confident now wearing my strappy top and my black skinny jeans. I have lost a dress size and am now wearing size 12 just like I used to 5 years ago!”


Create your own short term goal and in a notebook write it down. It is four weeks from now. How do you feel? What has changed?

Write your goal setting statement clearly defining how you want to look and feel on a given date. Include how you feel about yourself and write it as if it has already happened. The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and imagined so if you can flood the subconscious brain with messages that you have already achieved the goal. If every cell in your body believes, it will naturally manifest

Now, for the next four weeks, re-write this goal in your journal every morning!


treat-yourselfThis bit is the best bit!

What will you do after those four weeks to reward yourself? Will it be a nice relaxing massage? A new wardrobe of clothes? A little weekend away? A spa day?

Decide now. What will you do to treat and reward yourself at the end of that four week period? This is really important as you need something to aim for, something to look forward to and work towards. You deserve it!

Mid to long term goals task

Your mid to long-term goal can be more general, but still very visual. Once your short-term goal has been achieved, you can then focus on your mid to long term goal and set it as a SMART goal. For now, write your mid to long- term goal as a Thank You note – again setting the intention that this is already a reality, for example:

“Thank you for my amazing body that looks, moves and feels exactly as I want – healthy, fit and fabulous!” 

Once again write this down in your journal every morning underneath your short-term goal statement. Repeat all journal entries on a new page every day – this repetition will cement these messages into your subconscious.

With your mind set on what you are going to achieve the task in hand becomes much easier and enjoyable. I do these exercises with all of my clients and it is so incredibly powerful.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”

– Tony Robbins


If you want to achieve 8-14lb of fat loss or drop a dress size (guaranteed!) in 21 days then get in touch. Text 07748 298728 or email for a friendly confidential chat about your own goals. The techniques above are just one of many tools I have as part of my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan. Have a read of some of the testimonials of clients who have completed the plan with great results!

lesley before after copy

Lesley used goal setting and visualisation to drop from a size 16 to 12 in 90 days with B-Fit


Don’t go messing up all of your eating plans with Easter eggs this weekend. Stay on plan and on track with these EASY EASY EASY easter dark chocolate treats.

2042149Honestly, they’re so easy!

(Did I say they were easy?)

Makes 8… don’t eat all at once.


  • 3 tablespoons organic honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Gently melt coconut oil in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir cocoa powder, honey, and vanilla extract into melted oil until well blended. Pour mixture into a  mold, paper cases or pliable tray. Refrigerate until chilled, about 1 hour.

Tips… decorate and flavour with lemon or orange grind, dried coconut, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, strawberries, blueberries, chopped nuts, sesame seeds. Endless possibilities!