Lorraine was given some B-Fit vouchers for Christmas and redeemed them against the B-Fit B-Fabulous Transformation package. In just four weeks, Lorraine completely transformed her appearance, her life and the lifestyle of her family too. Read all her about her B-Fit journey so far;

“My names Lorraine I’m a 33 old mum of one and I’ve tried nearly every diet I can think of and got to a point of yo-yoing for years. I started to feel lost as one diet or fad contradicted another … low fat? No carbs? High protein? Shakes? Soups? You name it I’ve tried it. I felt like I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was going from one quick fix to another. What was I doing to my body?!

I then came across B-Fit. I had a free consultation with Gaynor and what she spoke about and explained sounded and felt so right. It was just what I needed to understand and learn to obtain a healthy body. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, all the confusion of good and bad was becoming clear. I started with B-Fit , got my 21 day detox pack, videos & books and did four one to one sessions with Gaynor. My first thought was wow, so may different recipes … So many different foods …. Was I doing the right thing? I’m not the best cook! 
After a week of reading and testing out new foods and recipes I was ready to start my 21 day detox and it was the best thing I have ever done. We now eat as a family. No more low fat, low cal foods. We all eat a lot healthier. I’ve tried so many different things and enjoyed the food so much. My favourite recipe has been chick pea dahl, the Mediterranean cod was so simple and tasty and the green curry so easy and delicious! And to top it off Ive lost 13lb and 8cm off my tummy!! Thank you Gaynor for the support and reassurance that I will get the body I want. I still have a way to go but B-Fit has put me on the right path to my goals, my path for life ! I’m really looking forward to continuing my B-Fit journey and joining Gaynor’s Group Personal Training course to get me to my next goal .”

lorraine before after


Coconut Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Potato Fries
(could be a good one to try with the kids)

Serves: 4
Time: 20 mins

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes
4 tbsp ground almonds
Salt and pepper to taste
2 eggs
2 tbsp of virgin coconut oil Olive oil
4 sweet potatoes

Pre-heat the oven to 220°C and place a baking tray in the oven.

Cut the potatoes in to wedges and chop the chicken into strips about an inch thick.

Toss the potato in olive oil, place on the pre-heated baking tray and roast in the oven for 30min or until golden.

In a dish, combine the coconut flakes, ground almonds and salt and pepper.

In a bowl, crack the eggs and beat lightly. Dip the chicken strips first in the egg and then roll in the coconut/almond flour mixture.

Heat the coconut oil in the pan over medium-high heat and fry the chicken strips until the exterior turns a golden brown and the inside is no longer pink.

NB: This can also be made with turkey or any firm fish


Did you know that 30% of the global population are overweight or obesee and obesity is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases across the world each year.


Obesity related cancers include colon, rectum, ovary, postmenopausal breast and womb cancer. Women are at greatest risk and are twice as likely as men to develop obesity related cancer. What is really worrying is that if the current trends continue, experts believe that nearly half of the world’s adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030 which will of course mean an increase in cancer too.

Obesity doesn’t just cause an increased risk of cancer. Diseases also linked to obesity include;

• Type 2 Diabetes
• Cancer (breast, endometrial, colon, gallbladder, prostate, kidney)
• Heart disease
• Sleep disorders
• Hypertension
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome
• Gastro-esophageal reflux disease
• Dementia
• Chronic renal failure
• Lymph edema
• Stroke
• Depression
• Osteoarthritis
• Gallbladder disease
• Asthma

Keep in mind, however, that while obesity is associated the diseases mentioned above, it is not their cause. Obesity is a marker.

What’s Really Fuelling the Obesity Epidemic?

Obesity is not simply the result of eating too much and not doing enough exercise. While it is part of the equation, environmental and lifestyle factors appear to play a far more significant role. Part of the problem is that many people don’t realise they’re affected by these factors, and therefore fail to address them. These include;

• Overuse of antibiotics in food production and medicine
• Growth-enhancing drugs used in food animals
• Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, including pesticides
• Artificial sweeteners
• Aggressive stealth marketing of harmful junk food

Processed foods are the primary culprit, as they’re full of ingredients that both individually and in combination contribute to metabolic dysfunction and hard-to-control weight gain.

The worst culprits when it comes to processed foods are;

• Genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. These include corn, soy, and sugar beets.

• High fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Besides being one of the primary sources of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it’s also a primary source of calories in the western diet. HFCS is even worse than regular sugar from a metabolic standpoint, and is a potent driver of metabolic dysfunction.

• Hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) known to cause heart and cardiovascular disease is made from GE soy that is resistant to pesticide. Besides the hazards of being genetically modified and highly contaminated with pesticides, unfermented soy has also been linked to a number of health problems, including breast cancer. When cooked at high temperatures, vegetable oils also degrade into toxic oxidation products known as cyclic aldehydes, which appear to be even more harmful than trans fats.

• Sugar beets are also genetically engineered, ensuring that even foods sweetened with “regular sugar” fall into a more toxic category, courtesy of elevated pesticide contamination.

Corn syrup, trans fats, and sugar—most of which is genetically engineered and highly contaminated with toxic pesticides—all of these are dietary factors that fuel the epidemic of poor health, starting with excess weight gain. So, if you want to address your weight, and reduce your chances of cancer, you really must take a long hard look at what you’re eating on a daily basis.

10 Tips For Preventing Both Obesity and Cancer

Prevention is key and there are steps you can take to ensure that you lower your risk for cancer (and keep obesity at bay). Fortunately, there is much you can do to lower your risk for cancer. Living a preventative lifestyle will reduce your risk of cancer and chronic disease. These tips will also help reduce your weight and insulin/leptin sensitivity.

1. Buy Whole Organic Foods, And Cook From Scratch

First of all, this will automatically reduce your sugar consumption, which is the root cause of most insulin resistance and weight gain. The evidence is also quite clear that if you want to avoid cancer, or you currently have cancer and insulin resistance, you MUST avoid all forms of sugar, especially fructose, which feeds cancer cells and promotes their growth. Make sure your total fructose intake is less than 25 grams per day, or 15 grams if you’re struggling with insulin resistance or have symptoms of insulin resistance (diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or heart disease).

If you buy organic produce, you’ll also cut your exposure to pesticides and genetically engineered ingredients, and in ditching processed foods, you’ll automatically avoid artificial sweeteners and harmful processed fats. Speaking of fats, most people need upwards of 50-85 percent healthy fats in their diet for optimal health.

We talked last week about healthy fats and some of my favourite include;

  • avocados
  • coconuts and coconut oil
  • unheated organic nut oils
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • organic pastured egg yolks
  • grass-fed meats

2. Reconsider How You Prepare And Cook Your Food

I recommend eating at least one-third of your food raw. Avoid frying where possible and if you do fry, use avocado oil which doesn’t change composition when used at higher temperatures. Where possible, if you can’t eat your foods raw, boil, poach, or steam your foods instead. Consider adding cancer-fighting whole foods, herbs, spices and supplements to your diet, such as broccoli, cumin and turmeric.


3. Normalise Your Ratio Of Omega-3 To Omega-6 Fats

You can do this by taking a high-quality Omega and I cannot recommend the Nature’s Sunshine Super Omega 3 enough! http://bfit.eu.nspshop.com/super_omega-3_epa_(60).htm Reduce your intake of processed vegetable oils, like corn, soy, and canola.(Check the labels on your foods as these nasties hide in many!).

Probiotic_Eleven_p_3634. Optimise Your Gut Flora To Reduce Inflammation And Strengthen Your Immune Response
Researchers have found a microbe-dependent mechanism through which some cancers mount an inflammatory response that fuels their development and growth. They suggest that inhibiting inflammatory cytokines might slow cancer progression and improve the response to chemotherapy. Adding naturally fermented food to your daily diet is an easy way to prevent cancer or speed recovery. You can always add a high-quality probiotic supplement as well, but naturally fermented foods are the best. I recommend Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic Eleven to deliver that good bacteria your gut needs. http://bfit.eu.nspshop.com/probiotic_eleven_(90).htm

5. Exercise

Exercise lowers your insulin levels, thereby promoting weight loss, and discouraging the growth and spread of cancer cells. In one three-month study, exercise was found to alter immune cells into a more potent disease-fighting form in cancer survivors who had just completed chemotherapy. Researchers and cancer organisations increasingly recommend making regular exercise a priority in order to reduce your risk of cancer, and help improve cancer outcomes. Research has also found evidence suggesting exercise can help trigger apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells. Ideally, your exercise program should include balance, strength, flexibility, and high intensity interval training (HIIT). At B-Fit I work with women of all abilities and tailor an exercise program that is right for the individual. I don’t believe in slaving away for hours at the gym and can develop a personalised programme that will give you all the heath and fat fighting benefits you need to stay slim and healthy.

5606. Vitamin D

There is scientific evidence you can decrease your risk of cancer by more than half, simply by increasing your vitamin D levels with appropriate sun exposure. Your serum level should hold steady at 50-70 ng/ml, but if you are being treated for cancer, it may be advisable to be closer to 80-90 ng/ml for optimal benefit. If you take oral vitamin D and have cancer, it would be very prudent to monitor your vitamin D blood levels regularly, as well as supplementing your vitamin K2 and magnesium, as these nutrients work in tandem. I recommend the Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin D supplements, especially through the winter months to ensure you get enough. http://bfit.eu.nspshop.com/vitamin_d

7. Sleep
I say this to absolutely everyone I meet. Sleep is key to your weight, your energy levels and your overall health and wellbeing. Make sure you are getting enough restorative sleep. Most of us need 8 hours so strive for that by getting to bed early enough. Poor sleep can interfere with your melatonin production, which is associated with an increased risk of insulin resistance and weight gain, both of which raise your risk of cancer. Melatonin in and of itself is also a potent antioxidant with known anti-cancer properties, which is another reason why sleeping well is so important for cancer prevention. Make sure you turn off all electronic devices before you go to bed, make the room as dark as possible to ensure you get good quality sleep.

8. Avoid Toxins
Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, household chemical cleaners, synthetic air fresheners, and toxic cosmetics. Where possible, buy organic and paraben free cosmetics.

One thing I recommend at B-Fit is to undertake the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan(otherwise known as the B-Fit detox). This 21 day plan will help you eliminate nasty toxins and therefore eliminate the fat cells that store the toxins. It is a great way to not only lose weight but ensure you’re losing those harmful toxins for better health and wellbeing.

9. Avoid Radiation Exposure
Limit your exposure and protect yourself from radiation produced by mobile phones, towers, base stations, and Wi-Fi stations, as well as minimising your exposure from radiation-based medical scans, including dental x-rays, CT scans, and mammograms.

10. Manage Your Stress
Stress from all causes is a major contributor to disease. The world’s leading scientific statistics state that 85 percent of disease is driven by emotional factors. It is likely that stress and unresolved emotional issues may be more important than the physical ones, so make sure this is addressed. My favourite tool for resolving emotional challenges is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).




Zucchini-Spaghetti-049-2Apologies for calling you lazy but hey, I’m the first to admit that when it comes to matters of the kitchen, I go for the easy option every time!

One food that is easy to replace with a healthy, nutritious alternative is pasta.

Have you ever tried making pasta with courgette? No? Well now is the time to try and this extra simple recipe is just the ticket to have you ditching the processed white pasta rubbish forever.


  • 1 medium courgette, washed
  • 1 tsp avocado oil
  • 1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely minced
  • 2 tsp basil pesto
  • 1 tbsp natural greek yogurt
  • 1 handful of fresh or frozen peas
  • salt and pepper
  • lemon zest
  • smidge of parmesan cheese to finish


1. Take a cheese grater and place it on its side with the side with the largest grating holes on it face up.

N.B. If you have a cheese slicer, or long potato peeler, you might find these easier to use too and create wider ribbons.

2. Cut the ends off the courgette, then push along the top of grater, in long strokes in order to create long, thin ribbons of courgette.

3. Heat a pan with the avocado oil, then gently fry the courgette with the garlic until slightly tender.  Stir in the pesto, yoghurt and the peas (even if they are frozen. They’ll defrost quickly in the frying pan). Stir until coated, season with salt and pepper, then take off the heat.

4. Pile it into a dish (I served mine on a bed of raw spinach leaves), and grate over some lemon zest and Parmesan. Delicious!


If you’ve trained with me before you’ll know this already but I am so pleased to see and hear that fat is FINALLY getting some good press!

For years we have been bombarded with low fat this and reduced fat that but at what cost? At a cost of these so called fat free foods laden with sugar and other processed nasties in place of the fat. It is ludicrous that good fats like avocados, hemp oils and nuts have been given a bad wrap.

If you haven’t heard, it was finally confirmed in the mainstream media last week the news we already knew and live by.Dietary fat does not affect cholesterol, there are no link between heart problems and fat and essentially, FAT does not make you FAT!

I have been saying this for decades and living by the principles that good fats are good for you and adopting a diet high in whole foods and a variety of nutrients is the way to live your life. Quit counting calories and start counting nutrients!

Since the days of our caveman ancestors, fat has played a pivotal role in our diets. Sugar has not. Now proven to be more addictive than cocaine, sugar is responsible for a whole host of health problems including an increase in Type II Diabetes. We need fat in our diets and the people who see me for the first time, when I chat through their usual eating habits we discover that they’re usually not eating enough of the good fats.

So, just what are good fats? I’m not saying you can head out and eat lumps of butter and cheese, or stuff yourself on biscuits and cake. No. Good fats include the following;

– Avocados
– Coconut oil
– Hemp oil
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Oily fish
– Grass fed meats
– Nuts
– Nut butters
– Organic unsalted butter
– Eggs
– Olives
– Flaxseed

The trick is to avoid processed fats and oils like sunflower oil, vegetable oil, margarine, and any hydrogenated and trans fats found in processed junk foods (these last two are the real nasties!).

Whether you join a Group Personal Training Course, start a one-to-one training package with me, start my B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan or meet me for a *FREE B-Fit session, I’ll chat through my tried and tested methods and success stories when it comes to nutrition. The bottom line is that I will teach you how to enjoy REAL foods for life. Real foods will give you the essential vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients you need to lose weight, drop body fat, have more energy, sleep better and feel healthier and happier in yourself.

Right, I’m off for my favourite quick lunch (full of good fats of course!)…  2 poached eggs, on toasted rye bread with a blob of butter, a pile of spinach, tomatoes, an avocado and a glug of hemp oil.

Gaynor x

*Want to arrange a FREE B-Fit session? Drop me a text 07748 298728 or email gaynor@b-fit.uk.com limited availability. 


Kristina Stark has completely changed her life thanks to B-Fit. Here she tells us about her journey so far;
“Gaynor was recommended to me by a mutual friend back in June 2014, having left my job of 12 years as a field sales rep. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to make some drastic changes and improve my body shape ahead of my rapidly approaching forties and my health for the sake of my two children. I’m one of those people who had a very sedentary career, spending hours on the road so I’ve tried everything to keep the pounds at bay. Slimming World, other faddy diets, a member of every gym going. All helped in the short term, but I always ended up back at square one – feeling overweight, tired and never happy in myself.
Then I met Gaynor! A mixture of the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan, Group Personal Training course and one to one sessions with Gaynor has completely changed my life. The nutrition education has been the pivotal part of my transformation and I’m pleased to report that I have lost over two stone, and kept it off! One of the best feelings has been fitting into trousers that have been in my wardrobe gathering dust for over a decade, since before my two children were born. 
I come from a family of chefs and restauranteurs, so food is a big part of who I am. With Gaynor’s help, I’ve learnt a valuable lesson in healthy cuisine and am able to create flavoursome, wholesome food which keeps me on track whilst ensuring my culinary reputation is upheld!
I turn 40 in 2015 and I have big plans to ensure that I feel in optimum health and look my best. I would like to lose another stone before my big landmark birthday and am planning on completing another B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan to help kick start this.
Gaynor is perfect for people like me who find themselves stuck in a rut, have tried (and failed) all the faddy diets and want a kind, understanding ear who will take the time to explain things to you. Gaynor has given me the much needed boost, coaching and support to make changes for life. I can’t believe I have so much energy now and the compliments that friends, family and acquaintances pass my way have made it all worthwhile. Thank you Gaynor!”
Kristina before after


…and every day!

UnknownWith the most romantic and love inspired day of the year fast approaching us this weekend, I thought I would take this opportunity to remind us ladies that the MOST IMPORTANT person we need to love is ourselves.

Self love, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, is one of the most important things you can embrace in order to thrive in every aspect of your life. If you don’t love you and who you are, who else will?

One area that is so important for self love is the way we view our own bodies. Last week I touched on the most amazing campaign that has been gaining momentum over the last month – the #thisgirlcan campaign by Sport England. (If you missed it last week, take a look again here and watch the incredible and inspirational video).

To celebrate all things love, I asked ladies via social media what they loved about their body and why. Here are some of the responses;

My legs! I love dressing them up with gorgeous heels.
– Nicola

My height, I love being tall!
– Veronica

My face. I quite like my features and I think it’s cute.
– Helen

My bum!
– Sharon

I love my body shape because I’m curvy, my boobs and my bum because everyone wants boobs and a bum and I don’t have to work for them. I think I would cry if I didn’t have them. I love my cheeks because they’re my Mums and I see her every time I smile.
– Margaret

It’s taken me a long time to, but I finally love my big strong bottom! I’d like to thank Kim Kardashian for making it popular and fashionable! Ha ha.
– Gemma

My eyes because I have the gift that some people unfortunately don’t have – sight! Love who you are lucky to be, love the features you are lucky to have.
– Shea

And me? I love my bottom because it is round, wobbles and is a great cushion!

What do YOU love about yourself?

I’m giving away a FREE B-Fit session with me this week to someone at random who texts me on 07748 298728 with the answer to the following question;

“Hi Gaynor, I love my _____ because ______”

I’m celebrating all our amazing female bodies with this special Valentine’s inspired offer. So go on, drop me a text. What do you love about you?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little moment to yourself to marvel and appreciate your amazing, strong and healthy body.


This delicious sweet treat would be the perfect indulgence this Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to B-Fit client Margot for passing this onto us.



  • 2 medium/large sweet potatoes (about 600g)
  • 14 medjool dates, pitted
  • 80g ground almonds
  • 100g buckwheat or brown rice flour
  • 4 tbsp of raw cacao powder (if you don’t have this use conventional cocoa powder, but double the quantity)
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup
  • Pinch of salt


1. Preheat the oven to 180c (fan ovens 160c). peel the sweet potatoes. Cut them into chunks and place into a steamer for about 20 minutes, until they become really soft.

2. Once they are perfectly soft and beginning to fall apart, remove them and add them to a food processor with the pitted dates. Blend until a smooth, creamy mix forms. Put the remaining ingredients into a bowl, before mixing in the sweet potato and date combination. Stir well.

3. Place the mix into a lined baking dish and cook for about 20-30 minutes, until you can pierce the brownie cake with a fork and bring out dry. Remove the tray and allow it to cool for about 10 minutes. This is important, as the brownies need this time to stick together.




Over two million FEWER women exercise regularly compared to men.


We’re scared. We’re frightened of judgement. We’re worried about what people will think of us.

Men don’t care. They like getting sweaty and making loud manly grunting noises. Us women are so different. But it’s stopping us from moving our bodies and doing something which is so essential for our health and wellbeing.

At B-Fit, the first time I meet a client who isn’t someone who exercises regularly, I hear the same complaints;

“I don’t want people to look at me”

“I don’t want to be all sweaty in front of anyone else”

“I don’t want to wear tight lycra and get all sweaty”

Believe me, it’s such a common complaint from women and it’s EXACTLY why I conduct all of my training sessions in the comfort of my home. There’s no stepping foot into a gym and no getting sweaty in front of anyone (apart from me, but I’ll be sweaty with you!).

In a way, it is such a shame that this is the way it is. We are strong, beautiful and our bodies should be celebrated. Instead, we want to hide away.

untitledSport England have started a campaign to address the imbalance when it comes to men and women and exercise. Take a look at this fantastic video to promote the campaign and hopefully it will inspire you to “sweat like a pig, feel like a fox” next time you’re exercising.

If you’d like to sweat in the comfort of my home and get yourself on the right track to a new you, then get in touch and give me a text/call. Book in for a FREE B-Fit session (no training gear needed at this – we can just chat and formulate a plan) text me on 07748 298728 or email gaynor@b-fit.uk.com




This easy recipe is great for a quick lunchtime snack and can also be made in a batch to take to work over a couple of days.
The combination of smoked salmon, egg, quinoa and avocado packs a big protein punch that will keep hunger at bay.
Prep time | 5 mins
Cook time | 15 mins
Total time | 20 mins
Serves 2

Quinoa Bowl:

  • 100g (1/2 cup) quinoa
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g organic smoked salmon, chopped
  • ¼ organic cucumber, sliced
  • 10 organic  cherry tomatoes
  • 1 organic avocado, chopped


  • 3 tbsp organic natural greek yoghurt
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard
  1. Rinse the quinoa in a sieve thoroughly before cooking.
  2. Add the quinoa to a pan of boiling water and cook for approximately 15 minutes (or according to the package instructions). At the same time place the eggs in another pan of boiling water and cook for seven minutes. When the eggs are cooked, allow them to sit for a couple of minutes in cold water, before peeling and chopping them.
  3. Drain the cooked quinoa, split it between two bowls and add the eggs, smoked salmon, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado.
  4. Make the dressing by mixing the yoghurt and dijon mustard together. You can add more or less mustard to taste. Drizzle over the top and serve.