With just eight weeks until Christmas Day, the clocks all going back and it being dark and focus turning to the festive season, I’m hearing more and more excuses on reasons why people can’t train/eat well/start making changes.

I’ve heard all of these a million times before. Which ones have you used?!


“I can’t start now, I need to wait because…”


  • lack of time
  • work too busy
  • got too much on

My reply?

  • Make an appointment with YOURSELF in your diary and KEEP it. We all have the same amount of time each day. A workout accounts for 4% of your day. Stop making excuses.


“I can’t train because…”

  • The kids are on holiday!

My reply?

  • The kids are always on holiday, or so it feels. Let’s make it work round the kids or even better – lets involve the kids!

“I’m going to wait because…”

  • I want to try to lose a bit of weight myself first so just going to do another crash diet then I will start!!

My reply?

  • You will just slow down your metabolism with another crash diet, How many of those have worked LONG TERM? You will make it harder on yourself to lose weight in the future.

b127812086995dda396907dda85f7a4e“I’m going to wait because…”

  • I’m going on holiday in a few weeks so theres no point starting before my hol as I will just put it all back on whilst on my holiday!
  • My reply
  • Lots of my clients actually lose weight on holiday as they now know how to enjoy the right foods and make the right choices whilst eating out on holiday. Plus they enjoy doing do a bit of  the right exercise as its just becomes a way of life! !Read all about how I eat and train on holiday here.

“I’m going to wait because…”

  • I will start after xmas, Easter, Halloween, my birthday etc etc
  • My reply
  • Why wait? Just start now and stop making excuses!! 

I dont have time to exercise“It’s too expensive, I can lose the weight myself”

My reply

  • Obviously, everyone has differing budgets but maybe you can lose weight yourself but it is like trying to cut your own hair! The right professional help is money well spent as you will get the look and results you want. I also offer group personal training at a reduced rate. The next group personal training starts on Thursday 6th November at Hightown Club. Get in touch to book your place 07748 298 728.

“I have to put my family’s needs first”

My reply

  • If you make your health your priority – you  will be fitter, healthier, feel better about yourself and be able to enjoy and look after your family a lot better plus you will be setting a great example to your children in terms of  eating healthily , exercising and looking after yourself! You only have one body – you have to look after it !!

What is stopping you? What excuses do you use? Call me to START NOW 07748 298728 or email gaynor@b-fit.uk.com



MAIN-Lynda-Bellingham-on-Loose-WomenThe recent news of the passing of actress and the famous face of the OXO adverts, Lynda Bellingham, was extremely sad.

I didn’t know her personally, but she’s been on my TV screen for as long as I can remember and her drastic change in appearance over the last year was well documented.

As you will have probably read yourself, Lynda decided to stop her treatment and publicly declared that she wanted to get through Christmas with her husband and two sons and then weigh up her options. Hearing the news that she passed away in her husbands arms, two months before Christmas was a real sad shock. My clients and I spoke about it in our sessions and discussed how we felt so sorry for her and her family.

One resounding thing came from the people I spoke to about Lynda’s very public death…

Life is short.

It really is.


I don’t want to sound down and negative because that’s not me, it’s not who I am. We only get one chance on this planet, at this time. We only get one body to live in and ONLY we control how we think, feel and act. I try my best to choose positivity, happiness and make the steps to ensure my lifestyle is healthy for my overall wellbeing.

Lynda’s sad passing got many clients talking. A client asked me this week if anyone I’d trained had ever said they regretted getting started. I sat there after this session and thought and thought and the honest answer is no. Nobody has ever said that.

What they do say is;

“I wish I’d done this years ago!”

“I’ve known what I needed to do all along, I just made excuses and didn’t do it.”

“I can’t believe how amazing I feel!”

“I feel alive again.”

“Why did this take me so long to start?”

Lynda Bellingham wanted to get to Christmas. Just a mere ten weeks away when she passed. If you haven’t yet seen it, watch Lynda Belingham’s final interview on Loose Women here. Grab a tissue and feel grateful for every breath you take.

Why wait until tomorrow? Why wait until next week? Why wait until after Christmas? Start today. Whatever is it you’re wanting to achieve. Whether it’s sorting out that tax return, resolving a family feud, finally decorating your bedroom or *making a start on achieving your dream body… whatever it is… START TODAY.

*if achieving your dream body is the top of your list, get in touch. I specialise in helping women of all ages to learn to enjoy the right foods for life and teach effective exercise techniques to help you be the very best you.

If you want to start today, get in touch here.

Gaynor x

07748 298 728




With Halloween weekend upon us, what shall we do with all that pumpkin flesh we carve out of our Jack o lanterns? Make it into this delicious Pumpkin, Halloumi and chilli omelette! This dish is equally delicious hot from the pan or cold the next day. Personally, I like to make extra and leave it to cool then enjoy at breakfast.

recipe-image-legacy-id--740503_11Serves 4
Preparation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 30 minutes


  • 2 tbsp avocado or coconut oil
  • 175g organic halloumi cheese, sliced
  • 500g pumpkin or butternut squash, diced
  • 2 red chillies, seeded and finely chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
  • 2 tsp cider or balsamic vinegar
  • small bunch mint, roughly chopped
  • 6 eggs, beaten


  1. Heat half the oil in a large frying pan. Cook the halloumi for 1-2 mins on each side until golden, remove from the pan and set aside. Add the remaining oil to the pan, then cook the squash for about 10 mins, until soft and starting to colour. Add the chilli and garlic and cook for a further 2 mins. Pour over the vinegar, then put the halloumi back into the pan, scatter over the mint and pour on the eggs. Cook for 5 mins until the base is set.
  2. Heat the grill to high. Flash the omelette under the grill for 5 mins until puffed up and golden. Serve immediately or allow to cool and serve cold with a salad if you like.


My star of the week is Ruth Dark for losing over 1.5 stone and 20 inches in all the right places so far on her B-Fit journey! Ruth has made healthy eating and a bit of B-Fit style exercise, a way of life. Ruth is a B-Fit Platinum PT client and has successfully completed the B-Fit B-Fabulous  21 day weight loss plan/detox.

Read her story so far here…


So, I blame jeggings!

Why? So easy to “not realise” that the pounds are creeping on!

I had been a really active person – started running about 5 years ago, gym few times a week, swimming, walking. This was combined with a fairly unhealthy diet on the whole! My weight was ok, not really an issue.

However I developed an ankle injury that stopped me doing cardio exercise then last year I broke my elbow – exercising became a problem.

Then I had an epiphany. I realised I needed to do something.

So in June I started having sessions with Gaynor twice each week. One of the questions she asked me was about my best hopes. At the back of my mind I have always wanted to fit into my leather jeans again (bought them 15 years ago to celebrate losing 3.5 stones, cliche I know!), but I didn’t hold out hope that I could, they are a very small size 12! Gaynor’s response was “why not”?

So the journey began.

I started following Gaynors simple 7 step plan. Getting organised was important. Cleansing the cupboards and buying all the list of ingredients recommended was first. Getting to grips with recipes that were so different from my usual ones. Bought a juicer – started each morning with a green juice. My body started to completely change shape , tone up and the pounds started dropping off!

I then started the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 day weight loss plan/detox in July. Must say it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated! The support from the B-Fit private Facebook group really helped and staying motivated with my vision board and Gaynor’s video exercises each morning. After the detox I was so thrilled that I had lost over a stone and a half and a total of. 49.5 cm (nearly 20 inches from all over my body!!!(including 15 cm / 6 inches off my tummy) Plus my muscle tone had dramatically increased. It is wonderful to be able to wear clothes that I hadn’t been able to fit into for years and to feel healthy and more confident.

I aim to fit into those leather trousers before Xmas (lose three stone) and am confident that it will happen as I’m already over half way there! Someone asked me the other day “when are you going to stop eating that special diet?”.  My answer was that it isn’t a diet, it’s a healthy way of eating and if I feel so great eating this way, why stop?!

So thanks Gaynor for getting me back on track!

– Ruth Dark


coconutlimeenergybitesLooking for a guilt free sweet treat this autumn? These coconut lime energy bites are perfect for a post workout treat, keep for the kids or a little snack to enjoy whilst relaxing in front of a film. Super easy to make and great for grab and go situations.
They are bursting with flavour and have all the taste of key lime pie without firstly all the hard work in making a pie and all the added nasties. 
  1. 3/4 cup almonds
  2. 1/4 cup cashews
  3. 1 1/2 cups pitted Medjool dates
  4. Zest of 3 limes
  5. Juice of 3 limes
  6. Pinch of himalayan sea salt
  7. 1/3 cup unsweetened organic coconut flakes
  1. Place the almonds and cashews into a blender or food processor and pulse to finely chop. Add the dates, salt, lime zest and juice and blend until the mixture starts to clump together.
  2. Transfer to a bowl and scrape down the sides with a spatula. Use your hands to form small round balls, rolling in your palm. Roll each ball in the coconut flakes to coat. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  1. Servings: 12 balls


tumblr_inline_mzx5r9Sl6K1sx903iI am absolutely nuts about coconuts and their exceptional health benefits.

The unique combination of fatty acids found in coconuts have been scientifically proven to have medicinal benefits. Highly nutritious, rich in fibre and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, the humble coconut has made a dramatic comeback to become a miracle superfood for the modern generation.

Personally, I love incorporating coconuts into both my diet and my beauty regime;

Cook with coconut oil

coconut-oil-cookingI use biona organic coconut butter for high temperature cooking. A lot of clients ask what is the difference between using olive oil and coconut oil for cooking and the difference is that unrefined olive oil has a lower smoke point than unrefined coconut oil and thus isn’t the ideal oil for higher temperatures. Oils can break down beyond their smoke points which starts to change the molecular structure and integrity of the oil.

Drink coconut water

100421m5_madonna_b-gr_01I drink coconut water, particularly after a workout to replenish my fluids and provide essential rehydrating properties. Although if drinking coconut water, make sure you get 100% coconut water like Vita Coco or Waitrose’s blue carton version. You want to avoid any coconut water that comes from concentrate.

Eat coconuts

coconut4I eat raw coconut as a snack and find it’s a workout in itself trying to open them (I usually smash mine on my step and also make three holes in the top first with a cork screw and stick a straw in to drink the fresh coconut water).

I also put dried dessicated coconut on my breakfast and use coconut milk ( my favourite is the tinned organic biona coconut milk) in soups, smoothies, curry and casseroles!

Coconuts and your beauty regime

CoconutOilMakeup-1Coconut oil makes a lovely organic natural moisturiser and intensive night time face cream. It can also be used to remove eye make up and a small amount through dry hair ends will tame frizz.

Mix coconut oil with sea salt or sugar for a natural exfoliating scrub that will leave your skin looking amazing and smelling gorgeous.

Coconut oil in your first aid kit

df202336c38c2d998eb3dc60b3865f6d72793769Coconut oil is a godsend for new mums. Not only is it a great cream for keeping skin supple and reducing stretch marks on a pregnant tummy, but once baby is born it will it soothe nipples when breastfeeding and also acts as a brilliant natural nappy rash cream for babies.

Coconut oil can help sooth eczema and psoriasis and it’s anti fungal properties make it an excellent topical cream for yeast and fungal infections. A spoonful in hot lemon can help with a speedy recovery from colds and flu. Apply topically to coldsores, bites and stings for a natural and speedy recovery.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Coconuts

  1. Supports immune system health: it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite
  2. Provides a natural source of quick energy and enhances physical and athletic performance
  3. Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  4. Improves insulin secretion and symptoms associated with diabetes
  5. Helps protect the body from cancers due to insulin reduction, removal of free radicals that cause premature aging and degenerative disease
  6. Reduces risk of heart health and improves good cholesterol (HDL)
  7. Restores and supports thyroid function
  8. Helps protect against kidney disease and bladder infection
  9. Promotes weight loss
  10. Helps keep hair and skin healthy and youthful looking, prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, and provides sun protection

To chat further about nutrition and how I can help you feel more energised, healthy and fighting fit get in touch! Contact me on 07748 298728 or email gaynor@b-fit.uk.com




blackbeanmangotomatosalad_n_lgServes 4 LUNCH OR DINNER

You’re going to love this Black Beans, Mango, Mint, and Rice Salad!
Cold or warm for lunch, or dinner—this dish is a hearty, healthy meal, or a fantastic accompaniment. Like all of our recipes, this is packed with nutrients and is oh so wonderful for you !


1 large ripe mango (it must be firm though)
1 15-ounce can organic black beans, drained
2 1⁄2 cups cooked brown rice (basmati is great for this), cooled to room temp 3⁄4 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves, snipped into smaller pieces
1⁄2 cup minced red onion
3 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 large roma tomato, diced (optional)


  1. Slice the mango in half on both sides of the long, flat pit. With your knife, deeply slice the flesh, but don’t cut all the way through the skin. (Slice just to the skin.) Score in a way to create 1⁄2 inch dice-sized pieces. Press the skin upward so the cut pieces jut upward (but are still attached). With a gentle sawing-type motion, slice the mango cubes from the skin. Place these cubes in a bowl.
  2. Add the beans, rice, and onion, and tomato (if using), then sprinkle vinegar and salt. Gently stir to distribute ingredients. Add black pepper (more is better in this salad), let sit for 20 minutes.


3. Serve at room temperature.

Total time required 30 mins ; Preparation time: 10 mins 


Rachael works full time, has a young daughter and a partner who works away in the army meaning time to herself is limited. She was feeling lethargic, overweight and frustrated until she completed the B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Plan!

“I’ve done shakes, bootcamps and every well known diet club you can name and NOTHING has worked quite like this 21 day plan. It is the best thing I have ever done. The nutrition course has taught me that I CAN cook, and I now love experimenting with food. The exercise videos were easy to follow and I did the workouts in my front room when my daughter was asleep. The nutrition and coaching side of this plan is worth its weight in gold. I lost 12lbs in the 21 days, didn’t feel deprived or hungry AND most importantly, I’ve not only kept it off but I’ve lost a bit more too!”

– Rachael, Sefton


Read the post about apples that are over a year old and you’re shocked?

Want to know how you too can increase nutrients and reduce the amount of toxins in your body? A lack of nutrients causes cravings and that’s where it all starts to go wrong…

Top tips to reduce toxins

1 – Eat organic fruit and veg

Reduce your pesticide/ toxin intake and ensure you are getting more nutrients from your fruit and veg. Organic soil has more nutrients or even better,

2 – Grow your own organic fruit and veg!

Why buy when you can grow your own? If you are growing your own, don’t use any chemical sprays/toxins. Plant lavender and garlic around your home grown produce to help prevent insect attack. If you haven’t a garden to use – use pots.

20141008_160703_resizedThis is my apple tree. I always pick one when im running out the door to do the school run – although as you can see my garden is getting very over grown so I usually turn up at the school gate covered in leaves! (But it’s worth it – the difference in taste to supermarket apples in unbelievable. The juice drips out when you bite into one!).

Want to know why they taste so different? Read this SHOCKING fact about apples in supermarkets.

3 – Wash your produce properly

If buying fresh produce from supermarkets, wash it in water with a couple of spoons of organic apple cider vinegar to help remove pesticides.

Read more about this here

4 – Get a local, organic veg box delivered

Lyncroft farm deliver on Fridays to a lot of my clients http://www.lyncroftfarm.co.uk/contact_us.htm

If you are a B-Fit client you get a discount on fresh organic vegetables from Lyncroft Farm so make sure you mention me when you arrange for a veg box delivery.

5 – Supplement for nutrient deficiencies

Boost your nutrient intake where necessary with good quality organic supplements.  Check if you have any nutrient deficiencies/ gaps in your nutrition here with the Nature’s Sunshine Lifestyle Analysis http://bfit.eu.nspshop.com/lifestyle_analysis.htm

6 – Do a thorough body cleanse / detox 3 to 4 times a year

My clients and I do this regularly to get rid of any toxins in the body and the results are astounding. The B-Fit B-Fabulous 21 Day Weight Loss Plan (aka my detox) is the perfect way to rid the body of unwanted and excess toxins, thus removing fat. Read all about it here 


How old do you think the apples you buy in a supermarket are?

I thought it was common knowledge that this so called ‘fresh’ produce is sometimes up to a year old from being picked to being purchased. Judging by the shocked look on some of my clients faces this week when I asked if they knew this, I decided that this information was not as widely known and hence here’s my topic for this week’s newsletter.

It’s true. Apples can be up to a year old when you buy them from the supermarket. Apples are picked when slightly unripe, treated with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene, waxed, boxed and stacked in pallets in cold storage warehouses for an average of nine to twelve months.

So, your apples are a year old. What’s so bad about it?

Aside from the obvious taste and texture difference to fresh apples, the main worry is the demise of the NUTRIENTS.

If you’ve trained with me before you will know that I am passionate about getting enough nutrients into the diets of my clients. We generally have 70% less nutrients in our soil than we did a hundred years ago and that’s BEFORE we’ve even thought about the following:

  • apples picked when unripe have not had the time for the nutrients to develop in full
  • apples stored in specialised cold storage warehouses are often stored in nitrogen which kills a lot of nutrients
  • commercially farmed soils grow apples that on average have been sprayed 16 times with 47 different pesticides and fungicides
  • apples are often genetically modified to make them look perfect

What does this mean for you consuming these apples?

Aside from the harmful chemical crap storm that these apples are subjected to, the presence of a high number of toxins also doesn’t bode well for our waistlines. As excess toxins are stored in fat as our body’s way of protecting itself from the toxins damaging our cells, so more toxins = more fat = unhappy and unhealthy you!

Click Here For My Top Tips for Getting Rid of Toxins